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Red Hat Linux Desktop
"However, enterprises find the Red Hat service model to be especially helpful when they want to manage large numbers of desktop computers. Even small- to medium-sized businesses find the Red Hat cost structure to be comparatively inexpensive. In addition, the bundled services surpass any other offering for enterprise class desktops, regardless of the platform. In this article, we discuss how the RHEL desktop meets and exceeds a maturity model for open source. We also discuss the design and usability of the desktop product itself."

( Permalink: Red Hat Linux Desktop      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 29, 2005 )

The Simputer Unleashed
"This Flip Flop technology has been something I've been hoping for since the first motion sensing game controllers came out. Integrating it into the software and hardware this way takes the Simputer above most of the PDA competition. Running Linux, of course."

( Permalink: The Simputer Unleashed      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 29, 2005 )

Build a highly available application platform for
Interested in learning how to build a highly available solution platform for J2EE? Follow along as this article explores the concept of delivering on the continuous computing promise. It shows you how to produce a complete scalable solution that offers high availability.

( Permalink: Build a highly available application platform for      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Mar 29, 2005 )

Jonathan The Wolf Rentzsch
"Jonathan Rentzsch is one of those people, and is a guy who wrote his own preemptive multitasking engine for the Classic Mac OS that benched in 400% faster than Apple's built-in Thread Manager for copying files. For Mac OS X, he created a solution to allow developers to do things they couldn't otherwise do called mach_inject and mach_override -- similar to Unsanity's APE -- and released it under the BSD license to be incorporated by anyone."

( Permalink: Jonathan The Wolf Rentzsch      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 29, 2005 )

KDE Trouble
In this weeks Security Alerts, we look at problems in KDE, MySQL, Perl, Ximian Evolution, GnuPG, OpenSLP, Ringtone Tools, LuxMan, and Ethereal.

( Permalink: KDE Trouble      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 28, 2005 )

Jim Reekes corrects Sosumi myth
"So, upon hearing I had to change the name of my new beep, I immediately thougth of the perfect name, "Let it Beep". Of course, I was joking but it was brilliant right? As everyone was laughing, someone even took me seriously and said I could never get away with that! I said, "so sue me" and that's when I realized my scheme. I told Sheila the new name would be spelled "s-o-s-u-m-i"."

( Permalink: Jim Reekes corrects Sosumi myth      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 28, 2005 )

make for Nonprogrammers
"OK, so what is make, anyway? According to man make, it maintains program dependencies. As any C programmer who has ever worked on a software project can tell you, there can be literally hundreds of source files, header files, and object files to compile and link in order to generate an executable program. make's job is to ensure that everything happens in the correct order."

( Permalink: make for Nonprogrammers      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 28, 2005 )

Building Bridges Between the NGO and Tech Worlds
"What we discovered is the Open Source community and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) are not connected. Nobody knows each other. There have been a lot of African developers reaching out to Europe and US but not really to each other, within Africa."

( Permalink: Building Bridges Between the NGO and Tech Worlds      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 28, 2005 )

Easy Screen-scraping with XQuery
While XQuery was designed for querying large document bases, it serves as a fine tool for transforming simple documents as well. This article shows how XQuery offers a fast and easy way to scrape HTML pages for the data you need. XQuery is the perfect tool for you if your goal is simplifying complex pages for display on small screens, or extracting elements from multiple pages to aggregate them together on a home-grown portal, or simply extracting data from Web pages because there is no other programmatic way to get the data.

( Permalink: Easy Screen-scraping with XQuery      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 28, 2005 )

Mixed-Language Programming and External Linkage
"It is a common practice to call functions of a C library from a C++ program. This works out well as long as developers restrict themselves to the standard headers and libraries that were supplied with the operating system. But novice programmers may stumble with some link-time errors, as soon as they try to call methods of their own C library from a C++ program. Potential reasons for the failure could include unfamiliarity with linkage specifications and how C/C++ compilers handle symbols during the compilation."

( Permalink: Mixed-Language Programming and External Linkage      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 25, 2005 )

The 15-in. PowerBook
"The 15-in. screen is sharp and bright, even here in a well-lit office next to large plate-glass windows that let in plenty of light all day long. I used a small program called Screen Query to check for any random bad pixels and found none. Nor have I seen any white blemishes on the screen. I'm also a fan of the matte finish that covers the screen, which reflects much less glare than the Xbrite screen technology being touted in the PC laptop world today."

( Permalink: The 15-in. PowerBook      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 25, 2005 )

Plextor: Behind the ConvertX PX-TV402U/PX-M402U
While I wait on an evaluation unit to arrive in the mail (hopefully it will be the TV402U so I can play with tv tuning and such), I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with Mr. Peters and his technical developer to ask some basic questions about Plextor and the ConvertX products in particular. He indicated that he is in the marketing department but seems to have a broad knowledge of who is doing what with regards to the Linux support.

( Permalink: Plextor: Behind the ConvertX PX-TV402U/PX-M402U      Submitted by Glenn Mullikin Fri Mar 25, 2005 )

You'll have to wait; the computer is down!
Frequent computer crashes are totally unacceptable. They cost incredible amounts in lost productivity, frustrate you, and serve as a barrier between you and the promised features of purchased software and hardware.

( Permalink: You'll have to wait; the computer is down!      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Mar 25, 2005 )

IBM Fights Spam with FairUCE for Linux
IBMs famous Internet Technology Group – creator of recent open-source project Robocode has released a spam filter that prevents spam from reaching the recipient's inbox by verifying the domain identity of the sender; and stops the content-filter arms race. It is clever because it will stop the vast majority of spam without the use of a content filter, without requiring a probable spam or bulk folder that needs to be checked periodically. See for yourself how effective this simple filter can be for eliminating spam emails.

( Permalink: IBM Fights Spam with FairUCE for Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Mar 25, 2005 )

Hackers Tilt PowerBook for Tricks 
"Enterprising hackers have discovered that because the new motion sensor returns reasonably accurate measurements to Mac OS X, it can be used to do some cool tricks, from realigning an image in a window so it always points up, no matter what angle you hold the laptop at, to controlling what's playing in iTunes -- rock the machine backward to go to the next track, forward to play the previous one."

( Permalink: Hackers Tilt PowerBook for Tricks       Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 24, 2005 )

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