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Making the Case for XML Databases
"When native XML databases appeared on the heels of the XML 1.0 recommendation, most people weren't sure what to make of them. Were they a replacement for relational databases or a return to hierarchical databases? No, said the vendors. They were designed to manage large numbers of XML documents. But since many XML documents could be mapped to relational tables, the only obvious targets were document-centric XML, which lacked structure, and catalogs, which had deep hierarchies. Beyond that, it wasn't clear what they could be used for."

( Permalink: Making the Case for XML Databases      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 1, 2005 )

Building an Ogg Theora camera
"The winner of that competition -- Alexander Melichenko (Kiev, Ukraine) -- was able to create the first version of his streamer before he even got the camera from us. ftp and telnet access to the camera over the Internet was enough to remotely install, run, and troubleshoot the application for the GNU/Linux system, which ran on a CPU he had never experienced previously (an Axis Communications ETRAX 100LX)."

( Permalink: Building an Ogg Theora camera      Submitted by Noel Fri Apr 1, 2005 )

Designing Web Content for Mobile Browsers
Because of the limited display area and processing power, mobile computing devices cannot efficiently render Web content that has been designed for a standard desktop browser. As a result, Web content that is to be viewed, or interacted with, on a mobile device should be designed with these limitations in mind.

( Permalink: Designing Web Content for Mobile Browsers      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Apr 1, 2005 )

Apache Maven and Rational Application Developer
This article shows how to set up a portal project infrastructure in Rational Application Developer that can be used to perform daily builds using Apache Maven. Through its rich set of plugins that are already available, Maven is an amazing tool for all build-related activities that need automated tasks. Because it also includes Ant as a plugin, it should be a moderate effort to migrate build procedures from Ant to Maven.

( Permalink: Apache Maven and Rational Application Developer      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Apr 1, 2005 )

HDTV on Your Mac
"As a platform, Macintosh is a little late to the HDTV party. PC solutions (both Windows and Linux) are more abundant and better supported, but who wants to use a PC unless you have to? Sticking with Mac, you can either fork over the medium-to-big bucks to buy a turn-key solution, like ElGato's EyeTV 500 ($350 USD), or you can try to put together your own system using a decoder card, an antenna, some freeware software and a lot of love, elbow grease, and spit. Naturally, I chose the latter."

( Permalink: HDTV on Your Mac      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 31, 2005 )

FreeBSD: Goodbye to major device numbers
"We don't need no major numbers
We don't need a mknod(2) call
No tricky install documentation
Kernel leave them dev_t alone
Hey Kernel leave them cdevsw alone
All in all it's just another struct in src/sys
All in all you're just another struct in src/sys "


( Permalink: FreeBSD: Goodbye to major device numbers      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 31, 2005 )

Linux Makes Granny C
"Emailing is easy even for me thanks to those fabulous programmers, especially my dear sweet Stefan Taferner, the original writer and those two guys who've chosen to keep it alive and going: Ingo Klocker and Don Sanders. But thanks also go to the many programmers who worked on the code, added encryption etc. I love you all!"

( Permalink: Linux Makes Granny C      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 31, 2005 )

External USB sound card from Hercules
"External peripherals are not all that common, and external sound devices are even less so. We're so used to having competent sound capabilities built into our systems that most of us don't give it any thought. The Hercules GameSurround Muse Pocket USB is a unique external sound card that communicates through a USB port. It doesn't work as well with GNU/Linux as we'd like it to, but it still may be useful if you have a need for a portable sound card."

( Permalink: External USB sound card from Hercules      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 31, 2005 )

Amal Graafstra Gets an RFID Implant
"The chip itself is only $1.50, and I was able to get a 125KHz sensor/reader for $50, so the total project cost so far is about $60 with shipping and everything. An electronic strike for the front door will probably run anywhere from $50 to $80 I’d imagine, and the time and cables to get it all hooked up to a computer. The biggest issue for keyless entry, besides security concerns, is the computer. I need to keep a working, stable, reliable computer running at all times to monitor the sensor and activate the door strike to let me in. For the car though, this is not practical. "

( Permalink: Amal Graafstra Gets an RFID Implant      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 31, 2005 )

Review: WireTap Pro 1.0.1
"As I said earlier, WireTap Pro can record all audio that is played out over your Mac’s speakers. This already gives you a huge number of sources from which to pluck your audio. That’s not WireTap Pro’s only trick, however—it is also capable of recording any audio that comes in via a line input. On my PowerBook, this means I can record content using the built-in microphone. Theoretically, this also opens up a whole slew of other possibilities. "

( Permalink: Review: WireTap Pro 1.0.1      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 30, 2005 )

Return of the Mac
"All the best hackers I know are gradually switching to Macs. My friend Robert said his whole research group at MIT recently bought themselves Powerbooks. These guys are not the graphic designers and grandmas who were buying Macs at Apple's low point in the mid 1990s. They're about as hardcore OS hackers as you can get."

( Permalink: Return of the Mac      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 30, 2005 )

SuSE 9.3 Professional
"First thing that is noticable as a change from previous SuSE releases is that in the software selection part of YaST, you have the choice of setting up either a KDE or GNOME based desktop. Naturally, I chose GNOME, and was delighted to find at the end of the install that it had done the "right thing" and also then selected GDM as the display manager - and it had been themed to match the new bootsplash theme. Consistency of look is very important, that extra bit of polish makes a real difference."

( Permalink: SuSE 9.3 Professional      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 30, 2005 )

CLI Magic: Wait or Sleep?
"Usually, you want a shell script to just run to completion, one command after another. There are times, however, when a sequence of events includes a step upon which subsequent steps depend for successful execution. For these times, two useful commands are wait and sleep, both of which cause a delay in the script execution."

( Permalink: CLI Magic: Wait or Sleep?      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 30, 2005 )

Linux Power: migration and binary compatibility
Learn about binary compatibility as it relates to the different operating environments that run on Linux on POWER. Learn about new technologies that can provide performance enhancements for a Linux on POWER application, and follow steps to ensure binary compatibility across multiple distributions in the future.

( Permalink: Linux Power: migration and binary compatibility      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Mar 30, 2005 )

Breaking Firewalls with OpenSSH and PuTTY
If the system administrator deliberately filters out all traffic except port 22 (ssh), to a single server, it is very likely that you can still gain access other computers behind the firewall. This article shows how remote Linux and Windows users can gain access to firewalled samba, mail, and http servers. In essence, it shows how openSSH and Putty can be used as a VPN solution for your home or work.

( Permalink: Breaking Firewalls with OpenSSH and PuTTY      Submitted by Mike Chirico Tue Mar 29, 2005 )

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