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Text Message with voice in three easy steps
Messaging with Voice is cool. You can build an SMS with Voice application with nothing but a text editor and a browser. This article takes you through the simple steps necessary to build a useful, multimodal application to send text messages via voice.

( Permalink: Text Message with voice in three easy steps      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Jun 22, 2005 )

Apple + Intel = Microsoft Conspiracy Theory
"Meanwhile, Cringely Incarnation #124 rants, "Those Linux long-haired hippie freaks will seize on any opportunity to bring out yet another long-haired hippie freaky conspiracy theory. Just because improbably events occur doesn't mean that somebody is attempting world conquest. The Red Sox won the World Series. Deep Throat's secret is no longer very deep. Slashdot went a whole day without posting a dupe. These things are not that big a deal.""

( Permalink: Apple + Intel = Microsoft Conspiracy Theory      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 22, 2005 )

Syncing iTunes
"What happens if two of the shared music libraries happen to be yours? Chances are that instead of sharing your libraries, you want to keep them synchronized. This should sound familiar to anyone with a laptop computer on the go and a desktop sitting at home. Throughout the course of the day, you tweak some playlists and would like to have those changes automatically reflected in your library at home. A similar--yet unique--situation arises when someone else creates a playlist that you would like to add to your own library."

( Permalink: Syncing iTunes      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 21, 2005 )

The Kubuntu Distribution
"Installation boils down to not much more than having to offer a user login name. Once installed, you can log in and have a totally useful system which includes networking, all the office productivity tools you would expect and a whole host of other programs. That's a great start but some will wish to adventure into additional areas. For example, you might want to add the Mozilla Firefox web browser. That's where Kynaptic comes in."

( Permalink: The Kubuntu Distribution      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 21, 2005 )

Uganda Linux deployment
"Inveneo's systems utilize open-source software (Linux, KDE, OpenOffice) for Internet access and productivity tools. The phone connections are established using SIP VoIP signaling protocol and the Asterisk open-source PBX system. Each village has it's own extension and voice mail box. The PBX system allows for free calls among the connected villages. Any phone in the world can call the stations in the villages and calls to any phone in Uganda are possible from the village stations."

( Permalink: Uganda Linux deployment      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 21, 2005 )

Denial of Service Attacks
"DoS attacks are not unique to the digital world. They existed many years before anything digital was created. For example, someone sticking a piece of chewing gum into the coin slot of a vending machine prevents thirsty people from using the machine to fetch a refreshing drink. In the digital world, DoS attacks can be acts of vandalism, too. They are performed for fun, pleasure, or even financial gain. In general, DoS attacks are a tough problem to solve because the Internet was designed on a principle that everyone plays by the rules. In this article we will describe the network based DOS."

( Permalink: Denial of Service Attacks      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 21, 2005 )

Jini, J2EE, and Web Services at a Cocktail Party
"It's all so predictable. There you are at a dinner party, sipping a second martini, when the conversation turns, inevitably, to distributed programming. What to do? Relax, because here we'll tackle three of the most interesting distributed technologies, complete with all the napkin-ready drawings you can use to up your whuffie."

( Permalink: Jini, J2EE, and Web Services at a Cocktail Party      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 21, 2005 )

Mastering Recursive Programming
Recursion is a tool not often used by imperative language developers, because it is thought to be slow and to waste space, but as the author demonstrates, there are several techniques that can be used to minimize or eliminate these problems. He introduces the concept of recursion and tackle recursive programming patterns, examining how they can be used to write provably correct programs.

( Permalink: Mastering Recursive Programming      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jun 20, 2005 )

Security Risks Associated With Portable Storage
There is no question that USB Flash Drives and their electronic counterparts are a valuable addition to the road warrior's toolbox. They have also created a nightmare for data security managers and have spawned an entire sub industry that is aimed squarely at portable data storage security.

( Permalink: Security Risks Associated With Portable Storage      Submitted by LogError Mon Jun 20, 2005 )

An Inevitable Tiger Review
"With barely a few days of usage on the new OS, how am I liking it? Thatís inconclusive for the moment, as I still havenít had any lightning bolt revelations like the way Exposť struck me. Iíll need more time than this to really form an opinion. It looks like thereís a lot of good new stuff to explore, and of course a few new annoyances to adjust to. Iíll keep this list running over the course of this week as I dig further in to my new toy, and add new items as I find them."

( Permalink: An Inevitable Tiger Review      Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 20, 2005 )

Hardening Linux: a 10 step approach
The Internet has become a far more dangerous place than it was 20 years ago. Nowadays, Operating System and application security is an integral part of a server configuration and, while firewalls are very important, they are not the panacea.

This list of steps is intended as a guideline with a practical approach. Weíll try to provide a complete picture without getting into unnecesary details. This list wonít replace a good book on secure systems administration, but it will be useful as a quick guide.

Before we get started itís worth to mention that security is not a status: itís just a process. The correct initial setup of the server only provides a good start and helps you get half the way through. But you actually need to walk the other half of the road, by providing proper security vigilance, monitoring and updating.

Read more

( Permalink: Hardening Linux: a 10 step approach      Submitted by Flavio Villanustre Fri Jun 17, 2005 )

Dell Says He Would Sell Mac OS X
"If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers," Dell wrote in an email. It's the first time any PC industry executive has openly shown enthusiasm for selling machines with Apple's software. Though that's all Dell would say for the record, I suspect his interest is not unknown to Jobs. So, as I said in this column last week (and in an article in the new issue of FORTUNE), the ball is in Jobs' court."

( Permalink: Dell Says He Would Sell Mac OS X      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 17, 2005 )

Building Clustered Linux Systems
"The author of Building Clustered Linux Systems declares that the purpose of the book is "to encourage you to build a cluster and to help you do so". And indeed, the chapters of the book adhere to this goal. The book starts by defining the term "cluster" and comparing clustered systems to SMP systems. Subsequently, the book deals with the hardware components and architecture of clusters. "

( Permalink: Building Clustered Linux Systems      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 17, 2005 )

Creating a Data Mirror
"On Saturday, I'll be giving a tutorial on "Installing, Securing and Maintaining FreeBSD Servers" at meetBSD 2005 in Krakow, Poland. The gist of the talk is how to install the minimum possible required to keep a server operational and fully patched. Since this is a hands-on tutorial and we weren't sure how reliable the Internet access would be in the lab, I promised to mirror the necessary files on my laptop. My personal goal was to mimic Internet availabilility within the classroom environment. For example, pkg_add -r should just work; so should cvsup."

( Permalink: Creating a Data Mirror      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 17, 2005 )

DivX 6 video encoding format
"In what may be its most significant product rollout, DivX Networks is announcing today the launch of the DivX 6 video encoding format, the company's latest rendition of MPEG-4. Coupled with this new encoding is the simultaneous launch of the DivX Media Format (DMF), a wrapper around DivX 6 videos that enables consumers to create sophisticated menu pages and chapter titles, similar to what today's DVDs provide."

( Permalink: DivX 6 video encoding format      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 17, 2005 )

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