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My Favorite Macworld Product: The IRISPen
"Of all the products, however, the one that impressed me the most was an unassuming product called the IRISPen from a company called I.R.I.S. They're the guys that make the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that comes with HP scanners and multi-function devices—the software that turns scanned text into an actual text file on your hard drive"

( Permalink: My Favorite Macworld Product: The IRISPen      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 21, 2005 )

Porting LinuxBIOS to the AMD SC520
"In contrast to proprietary BIOSes, LinuxBIOS lets users tailor the system boot-up sequence to fit their exact needs. The Version 2 system we have shown in these two articles is modular and features an object-oriented structure that, in practice, has let us build compact BIOS images. Images smaller than 32KB are routine, even on complex systems such as 8-way Opterons with 32 PCI busses. LinuxBIOS also is portable and has run on 64-bit Alpha systems as well as PowerPC systems. A port to the PowerPC 970, a 64-bit system, is in progress."

( Permalink: Porting LinuxBIOS to the AMD SC520      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 20, 2005 )

Samba to the Rescue
"It is a rare network that consists of machines running a single operating system. Most administrators find themselves working in mixed, or heterogeneous, computing environments with networks that include Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other UNIX-based operating systems. Although this might seem like a giant headache, recent years have brought methods that make heterogeneous network administration less problematic than in the past. "

( Permalink: Samba to the Rescue      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 20, 2005 )

A look at Cinelerra
Newsforge is carrying a piece titled "Cinelerra: Rough and ready video editor". The article is a look at the current state of Cinelerra, Linux's most powerful video editor. Also included is a short tutorial to get new users going. The article can be found here.

( Permalink: A look at Cinelerra      Submitted by American Dave Wed Jul 20, 2005 )

Zend Core for IBM
Zend Technologies, is the leading provider of PHP products and services. Zend Core for IBM is a product that has been jointly designed and developed by IBM and Zend Technologies. The product includes binary version of PHP 5 for various platforms. Have you considered setting up a PHP 5 on your Linux server, but not had the time to learn how? This article will help guide you through the installation of a PHP 5 environment using the industry's first integrated PHP environment that includes the IBM Cloudscape database server. PHP Installation and configuration is greatly simplified using Zend Core for IBM compared to setting up a complete development and deployment environment from scratch.

( Permalink: Zend Core for IBM      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Jul 20, 2005 )

Firefox: The alternative history
"Web analytics firm OneStat.com reports Firefox quadrupling its market share between May 2004 and April 2005, while IE's share dropped by more than 7 percentage points over the same period. Data from WebSideStory shows a more moderate change, with Firefox doubling its user base in the US from June 2004 to April 2005, while the proportion of IE users fell by more than 6 percentage points."

( Permalink: Firefox: The alternative history      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 20, 2005 )

What Is Preview?
"Apple's Preview application (which is included as part of Mac OS X Tiger) is best known as a PDF viewer and a Macintosh alternative to Adobe Reader. You can bookmark PDF pages, add comments, fill out PDF forms, and copy text selections from within the file. This software, however, is also a capable image viewer for file formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, PICT, TIFF, and others, and it even allows you to edit those images. Preview can capture screenshots by selecting the Grab utility under its File menu. Many Mac users prefer using Preview over Adobe Reader because it takes less time to open and renders file pages very quickly."

( Permalink: What Is Preview?      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 20, 2005 )

Creating Spotlight Plugins
"A Spotlight plugin simply parses and returns the useful metadata from a file to the Spotlight server; the server handles the rest. Apple has provided a nice example of creating a Spotlight plugin that you should skim over before proceeding. It's located in /Developer/Examples/Metadata, includes a simple application that creates a custom file format, and supplies a Spotlight plugin for that custom file format. In particular, take note of these highlights:"

( Permalink: Creating Spotlight Plugins      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

Review: Spring Into Technical Writing - Great pastime while staying at cheap hotels
Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists published by Addison Wesley Professional is a great tutorial and reference for anyone who currently writes technical documents or needs to learn how.

The author Barry Rosenberg is a technical writer and instructor for Technology Exchange Company. He is the author of more than 30 programming manuals, including Addison-Wesley's Client/Server Computing for Technical Professionals: Concepts and Solutions and KornShell Programming Tutorial.

( Permalink: Review: Spring Into Technical Writing - Great pastime while staying at cheap hotels      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

Secure RSS Syndication
"I have a problem. It's actually a pretty common problem. I have data that I want to syndicate to myself, but I don't want you to see it. It's private. Now this could be my credit card balance or internal bug reports for the day job. Either way, I want the information in a form suitable for syndication but not available to everyone."

( Permalink: Secure RSS Syndication      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

Writing Secure PHP
"PHP is a very easy language to learn, and many people without any sort of background in programming learn it as a way to add interactivity to their web sites. Unfortunately, that often means PHP programmers, especially those newer to web development, are unaware of the potential security risks their web applications can contain. Here are a few of the more common security problems and how to avoid them."

( Permalink: Writing Secure PHP      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

At the Sounding Edge: FreeWheeling
"JP Mercury's FreeWheeling program is the software equivalent of that loop sampler. Of course, features have been added that are possible only in software, making FreeWheeling a powerful loop-based performance tool. In this month's column, I take a look at the latest version of FreeWheeling and consider its basic capabilities. FreeWheeling has features I haven't explored yet, but even its basic use shows off FreeWheeling's musicality."

( Permalink: At the Sounding Edge: FreeWheeling      Submitted by Noel Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Is there room for both?
Ruby on Rails is a relatively new Web application framework built on the Ruby language. It is billed as an alternative to existing enterprise frameworks, and its goal, in a nutshell, is to make your life -- or at least the Web development aspects of it -- easier. This article will contrast the Rails framework against a typical J2EE implementation using common open source tools that are regularly found in enterprise applications.

( Permalink: Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Is there room for both?      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jul 19, 2005 )

Speed of Apple Intel dev systems impress developer
"It's fast," said one developer source of Mac OS X running on Intel's Pentium processors. "Faster than [Mac OS X] on my Dual 2GHz Power Mac G5." In addition to booting Windows XP at blazing speeds, the included version of Mac OS X for Intel takes "as little as 10 seconds" to boot to the Desktop from when the Apple logo first displays on screen."

( Permalink: Speed of Apple Intel dev systems impress developer      Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 18, 2005 )

Armor Your Palace: Secure Your Home & Network
from kaos.theory security research:
A guide to securing your home and home network with inexpensive hardware, open source software and about 8 hours of dedicated time. This is a living document, updated on a regular basis to reflect additional best practice methodologies, tips and tricks as they become available. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of building and configuring security systems to protect your home and home/office network through the use of motion-sensing digital security cameras, advanced firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and realtime notification mechanisms.
Full Story

( Permalink: Armor Your Palace: Secure Your Home & Network      Submitted by dr.kaos Mon Jul 18, 2005 )

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