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Microsoft to push unlicensed users to Linux
With growth slowing as Microsoft saturates its core markets in developed countries, they are faced with a decision: do they struggle to slow the decline of market share or do they try to maximize profits?
Microsoft has long had a conflict of interest about software piracy. By pretending not to notice, they encouraged the use of unlicensed Microsoft software, thereby letting dependence on their formats, packages, and protocols grow. The time is approaching when that will change.

( Permalink: Microsoft to push unlicensed users to Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Aug 1, 2005 )

Setting up SuSE 9.3
These are step-by-step instructions on setting up a web-, mail- and ftp server using SuSE 9.3. It comes with 47 screenshots so that even Linux beginners can install such a server without any problems. Of course, it's of use to experienced system administrators as well.

The resulting system has the following features:

  • Web Server (Apache + SSL + PHP)
  • Mail Server (Postfix with SMTP-AUTH and TLS)
  • DNS Server (BIND)
  • POP3 and IMAP Server
  • FTP Server (proftpd)
  • MySQL Server
  • Webalizer for web site statistics
  • Quota
  • Etc.

( Permalink: Setting up SuSE 9.3      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Aug 1, 2005 )

My new article on installing and configuring PC-BS
Michael has some detailed instructions on installing and configuring PC-BSD at: michael-and-mary.net.
"PC-BSD has as its goals to be an easy to install and use desktop OS, which is built on the FreeBSD operating system. To accomplish this, it currently has a graphical installation, which will enable even UNIX novices to easily install and get it running. It will also come with KDE pre-built, so that the desktop can be used immediately. Currently in development is a graphical software installation program, which will make installing pre-built software as easy as other popular operating systems."

( Permalink: My new article on installing and configuring PC-BS      Submitted by Michael David Mon Aug 1, 2005 )

Opening a URL in Evolution Under KDE
Just a wee "tech tip" on Linux, Unix, /etc/ this time round. Opening a URL in Evolution Under KDE is a little tip that someone else running Gnome applications under KDE may find useful.

( Permalink: Opening a URL in Evolution Under KDE      Submitted by Paul Dunne Mon Aug 1, 2005 )

At the Forge - Getting Started with Ruby
Any large software project is going to be a large software project regardless of the tools you use. I have been reading about Ruby on Rails recently and there are some very nice things about it. In fact it looks fantastic. But in the end no tool is going to write your app for you, unless it is a very simple app.

On the other hand those of us that have seen magic tools again and again can become somewhat blind when a powerful new tool comes along. I will leave it to the reader to make up their own mind.

"You can imagine my surprise, then, when I began to see another "best new method" coming over the horizon-but this one was touted by people I respect, who normally don't give in to hype so quickly. I'm speaking, of course, about "Ruby on Rails", an object-oriented system for creating and deploying Web applications. For several months now, I have been reading about how wonderful Rails is and how it makes Web development utterly simple."

( Permalink: At the Forge - Getting Started with Ruby      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 29, 2005 )

ITunes Mints Podcasting Stars
I love the iTunes podcasting features. I have found that anyone not using them just does not make it onto my iPod. The best part is that I have it configured so that after I listen to a podcast it removes it from my iPod without any additional actions on my part.
"Few podcasters are angered by the inconvenience -- they have, after all, gained hordes of new listeners -- but Apple's rollout had many wishing they had some notice beforehand. Paul Saurini, whose Denver-based Barefoot Radio podcast focuses largely on news items with some white-trash element to them, had to suddenly upgrade his server bandwidth package from $25 a month for 100 GB to a $300-a-month package for 1,200 GB after the new traffic exceeded his limit."

( Permalink: ITunes Mints Podcasting Stars      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 29, 2005 )

Information Security with Colin Percival
Its very cool that the world has smart people in it. This article is an interesting interview with a very smart guy.
"Colin Percival: To the first question: I'm a visiting researcher at Simon Fraser University in Canada, as well as being a deputy security officer with the FreeBSD project. I started my B.S. in mathematics at age 13 (concurrent with high school) and graduated with a first-class honors degree in 2001; to the extent possible within the confines of an undergraduate degree program, I had an emphasis on number theory and computer algorithms. I then went to Oxford University, where I recently defended my doctoral thesis in computer science."

( Permalink: Information Security with Colin Percival      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 29, 2005 )

64-bit and 32-bit computing
Interesting article about 64 bit computing.
"One of the interesting things about this type of processor is that a 64-bit operating system is able to run both 32-bit and 64-bit programs concurrently. Linux (meaning the GNU toolchain as well as the Linux kernel) has been ported to run on a variety of such processors."

( Permalink: 64-bit and 32-bit computing      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 29, 2005 )

K3b CD and DVD Burning Software for KDE
As I said yesterday, the KDE folks keep coming out with great stuff.
"An audio cue file is a big audio file (for example an mp3 file) and a text file describing the offsets of the audio tracks in the audio file. K3b 0.12 now has full support for these kind of images. You can import them into an audio project which will give you full control of the image (like removing tracks or moving track around or even adding additional tracks). Or you can simply write them to CD as they are using the Burn CD Image tool. K3b 0.12 is also able to create audio cue files both for ripped audio tracks or converted audio projects."

( Permalink: K3b CD and DVD Burning Software for KDE      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 29, 2005 )

JLP's KDE 3.5 Previews
Let me start by saying that I have never been a heavy KDE or Gnome user. I have used both. But Gnome was a while ago. I have KDE as the desktop on my Linux box on my desk at work, but mostly these days I use a powerbook for the bulk of my work. Before I realized that Macs were Unix machines I was using fvwm then fvwm2 as my window manager and thought that the other window managers were to slow (and honestly would not load my .fvwmrc which I had spent way to much time working on).

I have a great deal of respect for the great things that have been coming out of the KDE Project. They are fixing bugs on a regular basis and they are adding features it seems every week.

In this article Jure Repinc gives us some brief descriptions and great screen shoots of KDE 3.5 (compiled from source and not even in beta yet). The feature that I liked the most was the Storage Media Notification. This is of the things most missing on my mothers Linux box.

So let me say to the KDE Project: Great job and keep up the good work!


"Next new feature in 3.5 is storage media notification. This is something users of the current Windows desktop already have and some Linux distributions, like Mandriva, implemented their own version, mostly just as simple autorun. KDE will now also show a special dialog of possible actions when some media is inserted. I hope authors of KDE applications will soon start to add actions for their program. On the other hand it is simple to add, edit or remove actions yourself."
Link to story

( Permalink: JLP's KDE 3.5 Previews      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 28, 2005 )

Cryptography, from Egypt through Enigma
You've probably heard of Enigma, Germany's WWII-era encryption system. When is an enigma not an enigma? When it is deciphered. Learn how to make your own paper enigma encoder, then peruse the source code that duplicates its action to understand its simple yet ingenious inner workings

( Permalink: Cryptography, from Egypt through Enigma      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jul 28, 2005 )

Best practices for portable patches
Nice well written article from someone with a different perspective from most of us.

"One of the things I usually take care of as a Gentoo packages maintainer is sending patches to upstream developers. If a patch is applied upstream, we can remove it from future versions of a package so we have less work to do to maintain the package. Unfortunately, it seems that other distributions and packagers don't always do the same. This is true not only for Linux distributions such as Debian, Fedora Core, and SUSE, but also for maintainers of packages in places like FreeBSD's Ports, DarwinPorts or Fink. Here are some tips for developers on making things easier for yourself and everyone who has to touch your code."
Link to story

( Permalink: Best practices for portable patches      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 28, 2005 )

What Is FireWire?
This article provides a good a to z description of Firewire.
"FireWire is Apple's branded name for a high-speed data serial bus they developed. Also known as IEEE-1394, this digital interface technology can move data up to 400 megabits per second (Mbps). A more recent version of this standard, FireWire 800, is capable of speeds up to 800 Mbps. Common uses for FireWire include data transfers with external hard drives, DV camcorders, webcams, and Apple's own iPod digital music player. Up to 63 FireWire devices can be connected and recognized at once. Sony has branded this technology as iLink, which also adheres to the IEEE-1394 standard."
Link to story

( Permalink: What Is FireWire?      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 28, 2005 )

The brains of the Video iPod revealed?
While I never seem to believe rumors (even the ones that later turn out to be true). I still can't help myself. I find them fascinating. I just purchased a 60GB non-photo branded photo iPod and I love it. My wife also loved it because I gave hers back. Makes me wonder just a little bit if I should have waited.
"It seems that some Sharp sales reps are bragging to potential customers that Apple will be using the Sharp LH7A400 SOC (system on a chip) in the initial version of the video iPod. According to Sharp's product page, the LH7A400 contains the following hardware integrated into one low-power package:"
Link to story

( Permalink: The brains of the Video iPod revealed?      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 28, 2005 )

Book Review: Essential CVS
CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is a popular open source version control system used to manage changes to files including: source code, web content, documentation, and configuration files.

RootPrompt.org presents a review of Essential CVS, a well written tutorial and reference to using and administering CVS.

( Permalink: Book Review: Essential CVS      Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 27, 2005 )

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