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SooperLooper and more
"SooperLooper requires the JACK audio connection software, and Linux users need the ALSA sound system as well. The SooperLooper engine can be controlled with OSC (the Open Sound Control protocol) and/or MIDI. A user-friendly GUI (slgui, see Figure 1) can be used as a front-end to control multiple instances of SooperLooper, even over a network. But, the author advises that this kind of performance tool is used optimally with MIDI hardware controllers, including footpedals, fader boxes, switchboards and so on."
At the Sounding Edge: A September Trio

( Permalink: SooperLooper and more      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 29, 2005 )

Map Software and a look at WW2D
"Talk of Linux and Mac OS X ports began appearing on the World Wind forums as early as September 2004, but by June 2005 Russian programmer Vitaliy Pronkin had had enough of waiting and took matters into his own hands. Pronkin started from scratch and wrote his own client, WW2D, aiming not just for a Linux build but full cross-platform support from one code base. He began work in Java but eventually switched to C++ and the WxWidgets toolkit. WW2D uses OpenGL to create image layers on screen, though -- as the name suggests -- only in two dimensions."
World Wind -- an open source alternative to Google Earth

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Build Slick Web sites
With everyone from your eight-year-old neighbor to your eighty-year-old grandmother building Web sites, the Internet has become a slow-moving, bogged-down beast. But with just a few tricks using XHTML, you can build classy, beautiful sites that still load in the blink of an eye.

( Permalink: Build Slick Web sites      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Sep 28, 2005 )

Book Review: Pro DNS and BIND
"I think if everyone read this book, the DNS world would be a better place. Everything is covered. From questions like "What is a Top Level Domain?" to dumps of DNS packets, it's all here. There's great coverage on how to set up seven (count them, seven) different types of DNS servers -- complete with understandable config files. The author even goes as far as spelling out an organized naming convention for your zone files!"
Pro DNS and BIND

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Let your Mac do the talking
"It is easy to create a voice avatar and have “him” do the talking for you. Here is a simple way to have a phone call with somebody but use a computer synthesized voice instead of your own voice."
Voice Avatars

( Permalink: Let your Mac do the talking      Submitted by Noel Wed Sep 28, 2005 )

Overview of Firefox
Good overview of Firefox. Goes into a lot of detail.
"Firefox is a free web browser. It is one of the products of the Mozilla open source software project, supported by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox is an application platform. You can write applications and extensions that install and run on top of Firefox. Firefox is a feed reader. It supports auto-discovery of RSS and Atom, with features to integrate feeds into bookmarks. Firefox is a way of life. There have been over 90 million downloads since Firefox 1.0 was released in November, 2004."
What Is Firefox

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Maximize DB2 Performance on Linux
Memory utilization and file caching are related elements that affect performance and are important to consider when tuning a database system. This article summarizes the IBM DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) features specific to Linux for best utilizing these important system resources.

( Permalink: Maximize DB2 Performance on Linux      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Sep 27, 2005 )

Janet Theobroma
Let me say thank you to Janet.
"I had some concepts that I thought would help the KDE community. So I joined a few KDE mailing lists to see what the community was like, then I became an editor at KDE-Look.org. I started maintaining different contests for KDE through KDE-Look. It was through interacting with the KDE-Look members that I was able to better define my original concepts. I released a proposal called Kollaboration to the community from my blog. It was well received so I began developing the new kde-artists web site with Kollaboration built in."
People Behind KDE: Janet Theobroma

( Permalink: Janet Theobroma      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 27, 2005 )

Review: StarOffice 8
Review of StarOffice 8 office suite.
"StarOffice is a suite of interoperable "office" programs that use the same software shell as their basis. The programs include a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing application, presentation creation program, and database front end. All are feature-rich and capable of providing adequate desktop functionality for business and home use. The latest version, StarOffice 8, is not perfect, but it is an excellent value for businesses that do not depend on proprietary Microsoft formats for production work."
Review: StarOffice 8

( Permalink: Review: StarOffice 8      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 27, 2005 )

iChat broadcasting
Nice trick from Mac World.
"Now launch iChat, control-click on the contact with whom you’d like to share the video, and choose Invite to Video Chat from the pop-up menu. (If they don’t have a camera themselves, you can use Invite to One-Way Video Chat instead). Once the connection is established, just press Play on your camera, and your pre-recorded video will start playing in the video conference. You won’t have to muck with editing, uploading, guesstimating file sizes, etc. Just shoot the video, connect the camera, and share the results."
Quickly share home video via iChat

( Permalink: iChat broadcasting      Submitted by Noel Tue Sep 27, 2005 )

Slackware 10.2 Tips
Long-time and neophyte users should appreciate this 10.2 tips article, which covers bash techniques to wireless anonymity. dual_parallel and bland_inquisitor have written this guide for slackware.

( Permalink: Slackware 10.2 Tips      Submitted by Disposable Mon Sep 26, 2005 )

Tutorial: Ubuntu for servers
Ubuntu is primarily known as one of the most popular desktop distributions. But you can also use it for servers!
This guide shows how to set up a web, mail, and ftp server with Ubuntu 5.04 "The Hoary Hedgehog" and demonstrates the details with the help of 21 screenshots. The installation is easy as 1-2-3 and allows even complete Linux newbies to dive into the world of Linux servers.
The tutorial covers the installation of Apache + SSL + PHP, Postfix with SMTP-AUTH and TLS, BIND9, Courier-IMAP(s) and Courier-POP3(s), Proftpd, MySQL, Webalizer, Quota, etc.

( Permalink: Tutorial: Ubuntu for servers      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Sep 26, 2005 )

Auditor: The security tool collection
The Auditor is a Linux bootable CD based on Knoppix with 300 security tools.
"To get started, download the latest image of Auditor and burn it as a bootable image. Remember to use the image option -- just copying the file will not produce a bootable image. After you have successfully written the image to disc, you can start Auditor directly from the CD. It will not install any permanent software on the hard disk unless you request it to, so don't be nervous to use Auditor on a client workstation."
Auditor: The security tool collection

( Permalink: Auditor: The security tool collection      Submitted by Noel Mon Sep 26, 2005 )

Keep your knowledge with OWL!

Owl is a multi user document repository (knowledgebase) system written in PHP4 for publishing files in different formats onto the web for a corporation, small business or group of people. Users are able to capture documents and assign attributes to them when the document is uploaded into the Owl system. Network users are then able to locate the documents either by using the hierarchy folder structure or by using the built in search facility. This article is a step by step installation guide using Suse Linux 9.3, PHP4, MySQL and Webmin.

Read more at Linux-Tip.net

( Permalink: Keep your knowledge with OWL!      Submitted by Frank Neugebauer Mon Sep 26, 2005 )

How to Set Up Backup 3 and Save Your Data
"Each year things have improved. We tend to see new .Mac tools and service enhancements in September. That's because many of us who upgraded from the previous incarnation of .Mac--then called iTools--did so in the fall. My account comes up for renewal on Oct 7. So do many others. This year's enticements are pretty good. I now have a full gigabyte to play with in my .Mac account, and I have a new version of Backup. Both are substantial improvements."
How to Set Up Backup 3 and Save Your Data

( Permalink: How to Set Up Backup 3 and Save Your Data      Submitted by Noel Mon Sep 26, 2005 )

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