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New Power Macintosh G5 DualCore
Oh man I want one of those quad machines so bad! Well if you want to know how fast they are running this is a great look into that.
"We have tested the new Power Macintosh G5 2.3 Dual Core which only has one processor on the motherboard but theoretically should be faster than the old Dual machines anyways. Apart from the new processor, Apple have also transitioned to DDR2 memory like in the new Powerbook G4. The motherboard has in total eight DIMM-slots which makes for a maximum of 16 Gigabytes RAM. The card slots are now of the PCI Express type, the graphics card has a 16x slot and there is one 8x and two 4x slots available."
New Power Macintosh G5 DualCore

( Permalink: New Power Macintosh G5 DualCore      Submitted by Noel Fri Oct 21, 2005 )

Continuations And Stackless Python
A very extensive paper on Stackless Python. If you want to know about it, its probably in here.
"In this paper, an implementation of "Stackless Python" (a Python which does not keep state on the C stack) is presented. Surprisingly, the necessary changes affect just a small number of C modules, and a major rewrite of the C library can be avoided. The key idea in this approach is a paradigm change for the Python code interpreter that is not easy to understand in the first place. Recursive interpreter calls are turned into tail recursion, which allows deferring evaluation by pushing frames to the frame stack, without the C stack involved."
Continuations And Stackless Python

( Permalink: Continuations And Stackless Python      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 20, 2005 )

Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python
Interesting article that describes Stackless Python and how to use it to create a game.
"The next big issue of game code is passing and handling events. Most work in a game concerns passing events to each relevant actor for processing. So the engine must support facilities to provide efficient and flexible event passing. The Python language alone is very helpful, based on the dynamic nature of the language. The event framework can be very relaxed and simply provide the basic functionality to pass objects around. In Sylphis, when the game engine spawns an actor, it scans the methods of the actor for a handleEvent() method. If the actor has this method implemented, the engine creates an event handling thread that calls the handleEvent() method passing the event object, which can be anything. This creates an asynchronous event passing system."
Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python

( Permalink: Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 20, 2005 )

Essentials for Using Linux FTP HOWTO
We share the basics of FTP and a number of unique ways to automate updating and maintaining of files on a server. The tips include applying shell scripting and text editors. Our hope is that any beginner who needs to use Linux and FTP on a regular basis will gain some insights to make their life easier. Complete Article

( Permalink: Essentials for Using Linux FTP HOWTO      Submitted by Mark Rais Thu Oct 20, 2005 )

Installing & Updating Software Is Easy In Mandriva
Mandriva 2006 offers 12,000 free software packages -- take your pick. MozillaQuest Magazine (mozillaquest.com) reports: Today you get a good overview of installing and removing software to and from a Mandriva Linux system using the MCC Software Management tab -- with a little bit of tutorial and how-to thrown in. Mandriva's Software Management tools make Installing and removing software easy, simple, and efficient -- as easy as just a few mouse clicks.

( Permalink: Installing & Updating Software Is Easy In Mandriva      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 20, 2005 )

Bringing Games to Intel-based Macs
I am excited about Intel based Macs, of course I get excited about a lot of things...
"Once a game is building in Xcode with GCC 4.0, it is time to ‚Äúflip the switch‚Ä? and build a universal binary. Since Aspyr primarily deals with games that were originally written for the Intel processor architecture, they had added a lot of byte-swapping code to handle the byte order differences with the PowerPC architecture. With the transition, those byte-swapping routines need to be pulled out of the code or surrounded with conditional compilation directives so that they only activate on PowerPC machines. For some of the games, the change was isolated to a single set of functions or macros. In others, Aspyr's engineers found multiple copies and different implementations of the byte-swapping code that needed to be updated."
Aspyr's Universal Binary Experience: Bringing Games to Intel-based Macs

( Permalink: Bringing Games to Intel-based Macs      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 20, 2005 )

Jumping Through Loops
This is a short article on how to use loops from the command line to save time and effort. The examples given use a for loop.

( Permalink: Jumping Through Loops      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 19, 2005 )

Trolltech: A case study in open source business
Interesting article about Trolltech, makers of Qt.
"Initially, Qt was available only under a proprietary license that allowed non-commercial development. That attracted a lot of criticism from the free software community. Now it is available under the GPL on all platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Yet, some still argue that the dual-licensing arrangement is a dirty deal, supporting the free software community while penalizing proprietary vendors whose work might otherwise boost Linux's market share. That is probably not true, and here is why."
NewsForge | Trolltech: A case study in open source business

( Permalink: Trolltech: A case study in open source business      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 19, 2005 )

Best performance practices for SDO and the JDBC DM
This article shows you how to obtain the best performance from SDO and the JDBC DMS, by keep your metadata models as small as possible, ensuring that the most efficient SQL queries are being used, and by using static SDO models whenever possible.

( Permalink: Best performance practices for SDO and the JDBC DM      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Oct 19, 2005 )

Short look at Mandriva 2006
Mandriva Linux 2006 now is available to the public for paid downloading. However, Mandriva's GaŽl Duval (founder of Mandriva Linux, originally Mandrake Linux) and MozillaQuest Magazine's (mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo discuss the trick to legally downloading Mandriva 2006 for free (as in free beer) now and installing Mandriva 2006 now, before the free download ISOs are made available on the Mandriva mirrors. Moreover, this trick gives you access to more than 12,000 Mandriva 2006 packages on the Mandriva mirrors. Mandriva 2006 replaces Mandriva Limited Edition 2005, aka Mandrake Linux 10.2.

( Permalink: Short look at Mandriva 2006      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Oct 19, 2005 )

News about TeamSpeex
Well if anyone wants my opinion they should listen a little less to their lawyers and a little more to their customers. But on the other hand sometimes these things get blown out of proportion.
"An internal beta of Zheng's client had been circulating in the weeks before, and when the official Teamspeak team heard about it, according to CG5Addict's blog, Zheng says, "They told me I had two options: Based on my actions they may either choose to take legal action on me, or I can choose to cooperate and work together with them so that I may make my client available as an unsupported client for Mac OS X. I have told I choose the latter, which is to cooperate but I'm not sure what that means from their end. I am still waiting for their reply. "
TeamSpeex News

( Permalink: News about TeamSpeex      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 19, 2005 )

Overview of Ruby on Rails
I know some smart people who like Ruby on Rails. I have not had time to play with it, but it does look interesting.
"At the feature level, Ruby on Rails doesn't offer anything new. Existing web application frameworks have done it all before. What's the big deal, then? The difference lies in how Ruby on Rails does it. When you can finish simple web apps in days instead of weeks and more complicated web apps in weeks instead of months, people notice!"
ONLamp.com: What Is Ruby on Rails

( Permalink: Overview of Ruby on Rails      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 18, 2005 )

The Ruby Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse
Ruby is a single inheritance language, but it offers some advanced features that Java technology does not, such as closures (think anonymous inner classes on steroids) and mix-ins. This article introduces using the Ruby Development Tools (RDT) plug-in for Eclipse, which allows Eclipse to become a first-rate Ruby development environment. Ruby developers who want to learn how to use the rich infrastructure of the Eclipse community to support their language will benefit, as will Java developers who are interested in using Ruby.

( Permalink: The Ruby Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Oct 18, 2005 )

Frontrow: Apple Home Entertainment OS
Interesting view on Frontrow's role in home entertainment.
"It's for this reason that this weeks announcement of Front Row by Apple is so intriguing. It's not that Front Rows interface is groundbreaking; rich on-screen menus are the norm with todays DVD, PVR, and digital cable systems. But the problem with these menu systems is they each live in their own little world with their own commands requiring their own remote (how else would you set all those clocks?). What's interesting about Front Row is that it combines controls for playing disparate media into a single interface with a single simple remote."
Nivi : Apples Home Entertainment Operating System

( Permalink: Frontrow: Apple Home Entertainment OS      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 18, 2005 )

Ubuntu Linux Review
Nice review.
"Ubuntu has stormed the Linux distribution scene like no other project before. Although barely a year old, it has already succeeded in attracting thousands of satisfied users ranging from absolute Linux beginners to seasoned UNIX administrators. What are the secrets of this tremendous success? A quality product combined with friendly community resources and clearly stated objectives. Robert Storey, no longer able to resist the forces of humanity, set out to investigate this new king of Linux distributions."
DistroWatch.com: Ubuntu Linux

( Permalink: Ubuntu Linux Review      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 18, 2005 )

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