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Laws of Interface Design
Jason Spisak, Ryan Quinn, and more are doing something very interesting with Symphony. From the Symphony website: "Symphony OS is a Desktop computer operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and Knoppix GNU/Linux. Rather than using the KDE or Gnome Desktop environments as most Linux distributions do, the Symphony OS team has created the revolutionary Mezzo Desktop environment. Symphony provides what we consider to be the easiest to use Linux experience there is."
"I am by no means an expert, nor certified, accredited or formally studied in the field of UI design. However, after years of being tortured by brainless interfaces designed by professionals, I decided to take all of my thousands of hours of experience on hundreds of programs and write my own laws of UI design. I've read a grand total of one article regarding Fitt's Laws and other UI concepts and have used Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Mac OS 7.5 through OSX, and just about every Linux distribution containing KDE 1.1.2 through 3, Gnome 2, and other desktops and windows managers. These laws of user interface design are user-centric and inspired by the idea that interfaces should befriend the user when possible, and simply be less. After each law, I explain how Mezzo implements it."
Symphony OS: Laws of Interface Design

( Permalink: Laws of Interface Design      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 27, 2005 )

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Really nice guide to shell scripting with bash.
"This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge of scripting or programming, but progresses rapidly toward an intermediate/advanced level of instruction . . . all the while sneaking in little snippets of Unix wisdom and lore. It serves as a textbook, a manual for self-study, and a reference and source of knowledge on shell scripting techniques. The exercises and heavily-commented examples invite active reader participation, under the premise that the only way to really learn scripting is to write scripts."
LDP: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

( Permalink: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 27, 2005 )

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Great overview of AI.
"Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually weaving itself into virtually ever aspect of our daily lives. It already turns up in places as diverse as the transmission systems of cars, vacuum cleaners, computer games, hospital equipment, Google Labs, and postal equipment. The richest man in the world is rumored to have AI systems integrated into his home that even adjust room temperatures, lighting, background music, etc., depending on who walks into the room. In this installment, we'll investigate artificial neural networks, a powerful AI learning technique that can be used to accomplish some of these interesting things."
MacDevCenter.com: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

( Permalink: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence      Submitted by Noel Thu Oct 27, 2005 )

Embedded Linux Cross-Development on TAMS 3011
The TAMS 3011 offers "A complete development platform for less than US$650.00." When compared with platforms such as the Kuro Box (available for US$200 or less) or the Apple Mac mini (US$500 and up), this doesn't seem all that unusual. However, the 3011 is competing in a very different market; it's competing with evaluation boards and development platforms designed to let you prototype an application for mass production using cheap hardware.

( Permalink: Embedded Linux Cross-Development on TAMS 3011      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 27, 2005 )

Open Source developers get a mighty app server
The WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) is a lightweight J2EE application server built on Apache Geronimo, the open source application server project of the Apache Software Foundation. WAS CE is the follow-on product for Gluecode SE that the Gluecode company always envisioned. Find out what this new Community Edition app server, which is 90% Apache Geronimo, means to the open source Apache Geronimo development community.

( Permalink: Open Source developers get a mighty app server      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Oct 27, 2005 )

How to create a bootable CD in Mac OS X?
Good information if you want a bootable Mac OS X cd. I have not tried this and proceed at your own risk and all that.
"Note these steps will construct a bootable CD only based on an existing boot CD and allow you to add software to that boot CD. If you know what files and folders are necessary to create a Mac OS X bootable CD, please post feedback here. The following steps worked in Mac OS X 10.1.5, and haven't been tested in other OSes. There is one report of this working in 10.2.4, and several with 10.2.5. If you would like to offer feedback you may: "
How to create a bootable CD in Mac OS X?

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John & Ed's Scripting Screwups
They take a look back at errors made in scripts from articles they published in the last year. Lots of good stuff in here to to think about. Everyone has problems with their scripts if they write very many of them and reading through here can give you some ideas about what to look for.
"We believe that you don't learn anything or do something without making mistakes. Because this is our last column of the year, we'd like to discuss this year's blunders and enhancements:"
John & Ed's Scripting Screwups

( Permalink: John & Ed's Scripting Screwups      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 26, 2005 )

Short review of Mandriva 2006
This guy really likes Mandriva and is very excited about the release of Mandriva 2006.
"MANDRIVA is one of the most powerful, yet simple Linux distributions on the market. While you can download from several mirrors, the push is for you to become a Mandriva Club Member. With the membership, you receive some additional privileges including earlier download of new releases at a price. You select the level. If you are not a member, you get the download version at a little later date."
Mandriva 2006 is here! | Geektime Linux

( Permalink: Short review of Mandriva 2006      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 26, 2005 )

Linux Distributions Guide
Really well done overview of a bunch of different Linux distributions. Its just opinions so your milage may vary, but it's a well done set of opinions.
"It's been gaining in popularity for the past several years, but many Linux newbies are faced with an important question: Which Linux OS to get? Unlike most OSs, the individual components of Linux (the kernel, the core libraries, startup scripts, shells, GUI tools, and so on) are all available separately. Over the years, therefore, several Linux distributions have arisen. Each distribution takes some set of components and packages them together, typically on a CD-ROM, along with custom install routines. Different distributions can take different approaches to creating a working Linux system. For instance, the popular Red Hat Linux distribution uses sendmail as its mail transfer agent (MTA), whereas Mandrake uses Postfix in this role, and Debian uses Exim. The end result is that each distribution has its own personality, and some distributions are better suited to some tasks than others. This web page summarizes my experience with several popular Linux distributions."
Linux Distributions Guide

( Permalink: Linux Distributions Guide      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 26, 2005 )

Speakables for TV
Cool toys for your Mac.
"Speakables for TV was developed by a team of speech recognition experts, including a key developer of Apple's Speech Recognition. It currently works with EvolutionTV, AlchemyTV and MyTV.PVR, in conjunction with Mac OS X's Speakable Items. To encourage more rapid adoption of computer-based PVRs, Speakables has released Speakables for TV as a free download for Mac OS X 10.2 or higher."
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

( Permalink: Speakables for TV      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 26, 2005 )

The art of Metaprogramming
Writing programs that generate other programs may seem esoteric, but once you learn why metaprogramming is so powerful, it's a skill you'll want to cultivate. This article explains why you might consider metaprogramming and looks at some of the components of this art.

( Permalink: The art of Metaprogramming      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Oct 26, 2005 )

CeeMedia Review
Don Saunders charts his experiences as he transfers from Windows to Ubuntu. In the first of a series of reviews, Don has decided to look at CeeMedia, a movie cataloguing software released under the GPL.

Read the CeeMedia Review

( Permalink: CeeMedia Review      Submitted by Steve Emms Tue Oct 25, 2005 )

New Features of OpenBSD 3.8
Very in depth interview that talks about the new features added to OpenBSD 3.8. Check it out they are doing some neat things.
"Reyk Floeter: With trunk(4), you can combine one or more ports as into one virtual network interface. A port could be any physical Ethernet or wireless interface, and it's even possible to add other trunks as ports. The trunk driver will send outgoing traffic with a specific algorithm over the attached ports, which depends on the actual trunk protocol. The first release in OpenBSD 3.8 supports a simple round-robin protocol; outgoing packets are distributed over the ports in a circular way. Furthermore, incoming packets from any attached port are forwarded into the receive queue of the virtual trunk interface. trunk(4) is supported by most of the actual intelligent network switches and some other operating systems, but everyone uses a different name; i.e., HP calls a trunk a Trunk and Cisco calls it Ether Channel, while Linux is using bonding as its name."
ONLamp.com: OpenBSD 3.8: Hackers of the Lost RAID

( Permalink: New Features of OpenBSD 3.8      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 25, 2005 )

Jes Hall - The People Behind KDE
Thanks Jes.
"Philip Rodrigues noticed me answering the same questions over and over again on IRC and told me I should submit some patches for the FAQ to save answering them yet again. At that time the FAQ had been without someone to look after it for some time, and after a little while I took over its maintainership. I've had a CVS/SVN account for 10 months now. In fact, the anniversary of that first patch was just last week."
Jes Hall - The People Behind KDE

( Permalink: Jes Hall - The People Behind KDE      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 25, 2005 )

Notes from Blogdom on Aperture: Is it a Photoshop
Interesting look at the new product from Apple.
"As a bit of market research following yesterday's announcement of Aperture, I decided to hit the blog trail and see what people on the street were saying about it. Aperture is a new application from Apple, to be released in 4-6 weeks, that serves as a workflow and production tool for digital photographers. It offers more than that, and many people believe it will be a Photoshop killer at some point (maybe not right now)."
Notes from Blogdom on Aperture: Is it a Photoshop Killer?

( Permalink: Notes from Blogdom on Aperture: Is it a Photoshop      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 25, 2005 )

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