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Book Review: The Debian System
Looks like a good book.
"Can you imagine a book about Debian GNU/Linux stretching to 600 pages? No, not covering any of the applications that ship with Debian, nor delving into general configuration of, say, X or Samba. Just pure Debian; that is to say, the book covers Debian-specific utilities only, in densely printed pages with hardly any screenshots. Yup, a book like that has just been published under the name of The Debian System - Concept and Techniques. Written by Martin Krafft, this is one of the most comprehensive and detailed accounts of the largest Linux distribution in existence."
The Debian System - Concept and Techniques

( Permalink: Book Review: The Debian System      Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 4, 2005 )

Take Automator for a trial run
Interesting list of ideas for using automator to do some really cool things.
"Think Automator seems cool, but don’t know where to get started? Here are five useful workflows you can try right now. First open Automator. Then click on the library item specified at the beginning of each step and drag the action that follows from the Action list into the Workflow pane below any previous actions. (The relevant library items and actions for each step are indicated in bold.)"
Macworld: Feature: Take Automator for a trial run

( Permalink: Take Automator for a trial run      Submitted by Noel Fri Nov 4, 2005 )

Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite
I really like how the open source community is maturing rapidly in the area of Audio and Video editing and creation tools. It seems likely that in time the best tools will be open source.
"The Open Source IPTV Production Suite is an ensemble of high-level animation, 3D, compositing and editing tools that are available as free, open source GPL applications. However, this is not a direct attempt to duplicate the production tools found in Apple's Final Cut Studio. It's an attempt to create a fully functional, professional software suite that is capable of generating high end VFX and 3D animation like those found in Shake and Motion and Maya. Don't be fooled, just because the software is open source doesn't mean that it isn't of professional grade."
DIGERATI UNIVERSITY Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite

( Permalink: Assemble an Open Source IPTV Production Suite      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )

Graphviz - Why draw when you can code?
He really likes Graphviz and tells us all about it.
"Seriously though, Graphviz is a really nice tool for creating diagrams that combines an easy to use textual description language with a set of graphical visualization algorithms. It can export these diagrams to a plethora of different formats (SVG, JPEG, and PDF to name just a few). While I've not had a lot of experience with it, I can definitely tell you that it will be my tool of choice for creating simple diagrams for class, work, articles, you name it. I was able to learn enough of the dot language (dot is the simple text language that you'll use to describe your diagram) in about an hour to complete my diagram. Total time for learning and creating my diagram's description—1.5 hours. Total time to get halfway to completion with OmniGraffle— approximately 2 hours."
Graphviz - Why draw when you can code?

( Permalink: Graphviz - Why draw when you can code?      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )

Small MiniPC runs Linux
I love tiny little machines, perhaps way more than I should. This one looks like a winner if they can sell it at a reasonable price.
"A Taiwanese systems integrator is readying a tiny Linux-powered PC likely to make even Mac Mini owners envious. The AOpen MiniPC measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches, is powered by an Intel Pentium M or Celeron M processor, and runs Linspire Linux. "
Move over, Mac Mini -- MiniPC runs Linux

( Permalink: Small MiniPC runs Linux      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )

Learn what Eclipse is good for
Eclipse is an open source community focused on developing a universal platform of frameworks and tools that make it easy and cost-effective to build and deploy software. This article gives you information about the latest version of Eclipse, and a guide to some of the most interesting Eclipse projects. Learn what Eclipse is good for, why it is important, how you can get started, and where to learn more about it.

( Permalink: Learn what Eclipse is good for      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Nov 3, 2005 )

Tivoli iSongBook Portable iPod Music System
Very cool looking iPod music thing. Interesting 3rd party expansion.
"There's not only a second speaker, but Tivoli actually made it detachable - a holy grail of sorts for dedicated iPod speaker design. Then, as you'll notice on the left, there's an iPod dock - not just any iPod dock, but a true universal dock,? as Apple has put it, and the first one we've seen on a third-party accessory. Tivoli includes seven Dock Adapters (1-7, for those keeping count since our review of the Apple Universal Dock), which is enough to cover every size of iPod from 3G to 4G and mini. iPod nano and 5G owners get Dock Adapters with their iPods. "
First Looks Special: Tivoli iSongBook Portable iPod Music System

( Permalink: Tivoli iSongBook Portable iPod Music System      Submitted by Noel Thu Nov 3, 2005 )

LCD Backlight Quick Fix - Overview
How to fix the backlight in an LCD monitor. Cool, but use the advice at your own risk.
"LCD Monitors have become very popular with prices coming down, and screen sized growing. Those of us that have used LCD monitors for a while know that over time the backlight starts to dim and will eventually completely fail. Leaving you with some electronic scrap that you could sell on eBay for 35 bucks or so. Well for less than $20.00 and about a half hour of your time you can replace the backlight and rejuvenate that monitor to as good as new condition. So man the surplus scrounging wagon and head out to your local school surplus or eBay!"
LCD Backlight Quick Fix - Overview

( Permalink: LCD Backlight Quick Fix - Overview      Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 2, 2005 )

Sysadmin toolbox
Nice collection of tools for a Unix admin.
"Pwgen creates passwords that are supposed to be easy to memorize, and I have found that to be true, most of the time. This is a major bonus when you need to remember a large number of passwords over time, which is a pretty common condition for admins and for users who work in environments that require a new password at regular intervals. (I could explain why I think mandatory password aging is a very bad idea, but that's a topic for another day.)"
Linux.com | My sysadmin toolbox

( Permalink: Sysadmin toolbox      Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 2, 2005 )

How to install FreeNX on Suse 10.0?

FreeNX application/thin-client server is based on NoMachines NX technology. It can operate remote X11 sessions over 56k modem dialup links or anything better. FreeNX package contains a free (GPL) implementation of the nxserver component.

This workshop describes step by step the FreeNX installation on a Linux Suse 10.0 server.

Read more at Linux-Tip.net

( Permalink: How to install FreeNX on Suse 10.0?      Submitted by Frank Neugebauer Wed Nov 2, 2005 )

High-Performance Linux Clustering
High Performance Computing (HPC) has become easier, and two reasons are the adoption of open source software concepts and the refinement of clustering technology. This second of two articles discusses parallel programming using MPI, gives an overview of cluster management and benchmarking, and Linux clustering using OSCAR. Part 1 of this series, Clustering fundamentals, discusses the types and uses of clusters.

( Permalink: High-Performance Linux Clustering      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Nov 2, 2005 )

Interview With Aspyr's Glenda Adams
Want to play a zombie and eat brains? Well you should either seek help or read this game review.
"Glenda: Both PC & Mac will use OpenGL. Since we were developing simultaneously on Windows and OS X (alongside the Xbox) we wanted one common codebase. Also some of the newer shader effects Stubbs is doing that weren't in Halo are easier to access on the PC and Mac via OpenGL. As much as Stubbs is based on the Halo engine, it has a lot of layers of added graphics functionality that weren't in Halo originally. So doing a more ground up version of the graphics renderer for GL made sense."
Interview With Aspyr's Glenda Adams

( Permalink: Interview With Aspyr's Glenda Adams      Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 2, 2005 )

An Awk Tutorial
Nice awk programming tutorial.
"Awk statements comprise a programming language. In fact, Awk is useful for simple, quick-and-dirty computational programming. Anybody who can write a BASIC program can use Awk, although Awk's syntax is different from that of BASIC. Anybody who can write a C program can use Awk with little difficulty, and those who would like to learn C may find Awk a useful stepping stone, with the caution that Awk and C have significant differences beyond their many similarities."
An Awk Tutorial

( Permalink: An Awk Tutorial      Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 1, 2005 )

Symphony OS BETA1 PR1 Screenshot Tour
There is a nice screenshot tour of the new Symphony OS Linux desktop (Symphony OS BETA1 PR1) at HowtoForge. Symphony OS uses a desktop called "Mezzo" instead of KDE or Gnome and has a totally different, but very interesting look and feel.

( Permalink: Symphony OS BETA1 PR1 Screenshot Tour      Submitted by Falko Timme Tue Nov 1, 2005 )

Best practices for embedded apps with eSWT
Because of the limits of embedded devices (for example, memory and screen size), there are some differences between the SWT widgets and eSWT widgets that greatly influence how you use them. This article shows you how the embedded Standard Widget Toolkit (eSWT) differs from the usual SWT Toolkit and provides best tips and practices for using it as you develop your own eSWT application based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework.

( Permalink: Best practices for embedded apps with eSWT      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Nov 1, 2005 )

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