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Secure wireless access points with OpenBSD
Nice article describing how to use OpenBSD and OpenVPN to create a secure wireless access point.
"You know how insecure 802.11x wireless networks are. In this article we'll create an OpenBSD-based secure wireless access point that prevents unauthorized access and encrypts every packet using a VPN tunnel. OpenBSD is one of the most secure operating systems available, is easy to use, and includes almost everything you need for this project in the base installation."
NewsForge | Creating secure wireless access points with OpenBSD and OpenVPN

( Permalink: Secure wireless access points with OpenBSD      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 14, 2005 )

iPod mini 8GB Upgrade
I don't think you should do this. :) But now that we have that out of the way it is a pretty neat trick.
"Some people were disappointed when Apple discontinued the most successful iPod model of all time and introduced the slim, flash-based iPod nano. Of course it was color and sleek and all that, but it didn't offer an improvement in storage capacity (in fact, quite the contrary). So for those of us hoping for an upgrade to the battery life and capacity of the mini were out of luck -- and it will be awhile before flash drops in price to make an affordable 8GB nano. An iPod mini 4GB was sufficient for a time, but what if you want more space, but still like the size, colors, and durability of the mini?"
iPod mini 8GB Upgrade

( Permalink: iPod mini 8GB Upgrade      Submitted by Noel Wed Dec 14, 2005 )

Top 10 System Administrator Truths
Users Lie. Oh yes, they do. Don't think you're immune either. Have you ever been on a tech support call, convinced that you know the problem and the guy on the phone says something like Would you put in the recovery CD, restart, and scan your memory? Oh, I've tried that,? you say with eyes rolling. Believe it or not, sometimes we crazy admin peeps suggest these fixes because they work. When a user is protesting my assessment, the best is to politely insist them to do what was asked until the doing is done."
The Search for A Good Story: Top 10 System Administrator Truths

( Permalink: Top 10 System Administrator Truths      Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 13, 2005 )

Pocket Linux server showdown
I want one, or perhaps two.
"My primary question is simply whether the devices are useful. Any schmuck can put together a gizmo with nice packaging and pretty lights in a small form factor and charge US$200 for it. Do these devices transcend gimmicky geek gadget status? The target market for each of these devices seems to be Linux enthusiasts of one sort or another. Given that they're trying to make money off folks that are technically adept, these tools need to provide features that would both be useful for a geek/programmer/sysadmin, and aren't easily replicable with some instructions off Make."
Pocket Linux server showdown : Page 1

( Permalink: Pocket Linux server showdown      Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 13, 2005 )

How do I resize windows Partition with OSS
Boy I wish I had this last time I installed Linux on the Windows box at work.
"You would like to install Linux/BSD Os but windows partition is taking up your whole hard disk space. Or you don't want to pay money to resize hard disk partition (tools like partition magic costs money). Not to worry you can resize partition with KNOPPIX Live Linux CD."
nixCraft: How do I resize windows Partition with Open Source Software

( Permalink: How do I resize windows Partition with OSS      Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 13, 2005 )

Andras Mantia - The People Behind KDE
"The main area where I work is the kdewebdev module in general and Quanta Plus especially. Together with Eric Laffoon we are the heart of Quanta and its current maintainers. Outside of kdewebdev, I contributed to some extends to the KDE libraries, to KDevelop, kdetv and some patches here and there which I don't count."
Andras Mantia - The People Behind KDE

( Permalink: Andras Mantia - The People Behind KDE      Submitted by Noel Tue Dec 13, 2005 )

Pretty useless Widgets: games
Over the weekend I was checking the Apple site to find some useful widgets. I found some good ones, but in the process of browsing I came across some rather useless "Gaming" widgets. Between all of the strange ones I installed, here are the ones that I find the most useless.

( Permalink: Pretty useless Widgets: games      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Dec 13, 2005 )

Running MythTV on Ubuntu Breezy
Nice how to style article on how to install MythTV on Ubuntu Breezy. MythTV is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) application.
"Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the MythTV packages for AMD64 are knackered, and as such they won't install. I did consider compiling it all, but I decided to bail and run the normal x86 packages on the machine. As such, I installed the normal 32-bit Intel version of Breezy on the box. Plenty of documentation is available about how to install Ubuntu. While installing, make sure that when it asks you for a user account, you give it an account called mythtv. This is where you will spent most of your time"
Running MythTV on Ubuntu Breezyome

( Permalink: Running MythTV on Ubuntu Breezy      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 12, 2005 )

Managing TV with XMLTV
How to get detailed TV listings with XMLTV.
"I quickly settled upon XMLTV as the back-end and front-end for getting detailed TV listings. XMLTV downloads data from Zap2It using their Data Direct service and provides multiple ways to filter, sort, and augment the data. The first step in using XMLTV is setting up an account with Zap2It. There you will need to accept their license agreement and provide some personal information to get an account. I have never received a marketing email from them, but do need to renew my registration every three months by filling out another short survey of ten questions or so. When setting up your account, the most important thing to do is choose your local channel line-up. After selecting this, it is possible to filter stations by using the Details button under Actions. It is better to do this at the Zap2It site rather than with XMLTV, as you'll have to download much less data. When you download data with the tv_grab_na_dd script, it will include a notification of your subscription's expiration date."
ONLamp.com: Managing TV with XMLTV

( Permalink: Managing TV with XMLTV      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 12, 2005 )

Linux Social Experiment
Weird experiment and yet strangely interesting.
"The idea came to me while I was helping my daughter with her homework. There was no direct reason why I should have come up with the idea during that event. It was just a random thought on which I followed through. What if I were to stand on a street corner with a sign in MY hand? One in which did not ask for money, food, a job or sympathy, but offered to give people something for free? What if I offered people waiting at the stoplight of a busy intersection free Linux disks?"
Linux Social Experiment: People have NO clue

( Permalink: Linux Social Experiment      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 12, 2005 )

GNU Screen
Introductory article about the screen command.
"Screen is best described as a terminal multiplexer. Using it, you can run any number of console-based applications--interactive command shells, curses-based applications, text editors, etc.--within a single terminal. The desire to do this is what gets most people hooked on screen. I used to start a half-dozen terminal emulators when I logged into my machine: I wanted one to read my email, one to edit my code, one to compile my code, one for my newsreader, one for a shell into my web host, and so on. Now I start one terminal emulator, and run screen in it. Problem solved."
GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner's tutorial || kuro5hin.org

( Permalink: GNU Screen      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 12, 2005 )

Top X keyboard shortcuts in OS X
Good list.
"I searched through our archives while putting this list together to try and find shortcuts that either haven't been mentioned before, or they're fundamental favorites that everyone could use a reminder on. While some of these shortcuts might work in various applications, I'm specifically targeting OS X key commands here. Last but not least: I'm also trying to list shortcuts everyone can enjoy, from the elite OS X ninja to those who are reading this on their first Mac which they pulled out of the box just yesterday. So without further adieu, here are my Top X keyboard shortcuts for OS X, in no particular order:"
Top X keyboard shortcuts in OS X - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

( Permalink: Top X keyboard shortcuts in OS X      Submitted by Noel Mon Dec 12, 2005 )

Expanding Linux Partitions with LVM
Interesting write up on using Logical Volume Manager.
"The Logical Volume Manager (LVM) enables you to resize your partitions without having to modify the partition tables on your hard disk. LVM becomes useful when you are running out of disk space and instead of reinstalling your system on a larger driver, you can simpy expand your existing partiton scheme."
Expanding Linux Partitions with LVM - FedoraNEWS.ORG

( Permalink: Expanding Linux Partitions with LVM      Submitted by Noel Sun Dec 11, 2005 )

ISP in a box, using a Mac mini
Very, very nice set of articles describing how to set up a Mac mini as a home Internet server.
"This is (it will be when finished) a complete installation and configuration guide for changing your Mac mini into a full blown internet connected server to be used for all your needs at home. When finished it will be able to be your web, mail and more server which you can put on the internet connected to your broadband connection."
ISP in a box, using a Mac mini

( Permalink: ISP in a box, using a Mac mini      Submitted by Noel Sun Dec 11, 2005 )

A how to that talks about getting Linux to recognize certain IDE/ SATA "Raid" Controllers.
"Under Windows, you must supply a driver floppy to the setup process so Windows can access the RAID. Under Linux, the hardware is seen for what it is, which is simply a multi-channel IDE/SATA controller. What this means is that if you have multiple disks configured as a RAID, Linux sees individual disks. This page describes how to get Linux to see the RAID as one disk, and boot from it. In my case, I use a RAID-0 configuration, but this should also apply to RAID-1 and RAID-5."
FakeRaidHowto - Ubuntu Wiki

( Permalink: FakeRaidHowto      Submitted by Noel Sat Dec 10, 2005 )

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