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Intel and More Inside
Nice overview of the Apple announcements from Macworld.
"When Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers his Macworld keynote address, it is some of the best theatre you will ever see. This year, in a little over an hour and a half, he reported on Apple sales statistics, introduced the many changes in iLife '06, rushed past the lack of much in the way of improvements to the iWork suite, and introduced the new Intel-based iMac. Almost as an afterthought. he let the audience know that there was one more thing. Nearly 90 minutes into his talk he just casually mentions the PowerBook is being replaced by the Intel-powered MacBook Pro. Pure theatre"
MacDevCenter.com: Intel and More Inside

( Permalink: Intel and More Inside      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 16, 2006 )

AJAX Login System using XMLHttpRequest
Interesting article on using AJAX in a real world type task: a login screen.
"In that regard, I started a project on the weekend that I wasn't sure was possible: creating a fully secure "ajax"-powered login system, ideal for blogs, forums, and other similar sites. I had a barebones secure case working within a few hours, and a few more hours gave the final result that I will share today."
AJAX Login System using XMLHttpRequest | evolt.org

( Permalink: AJAX Login System using XMLHttpRequest      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 16, 2006 )

Secure Java Apps on Linux using MD5 Crypt
If you are a security developer and need to interface a Java application with the local operating system user registry, what do you do? This article gives you the answer: UNIX/Linux PAM-compatible systems that use authentication based on the GNU MD5 extensions to the crypt() system call. A pure Java implementation of MD5 crypt can provide a simple interface that can be used by Web applications to authenticate against the local UNIX registry.

( Permalink: Secure Java Apps on Linux using MD5 Crypt      Submitted by Anonymous Sun Jan 15, 2006 )

iTunes update spies on your listening?
This does not worry me. Well not very much.
"Yesterday, I updated my version of iTunes to 6.0.2, at the recommendation of Apple's Software Update program. I noticed immediately that iTunes had a new pane in the main window -- the "Mini-Store" which showed albums and tracks for sale by the artist whose song was presently playing. The question is: how does Apple know which version of the Mini-Store to show you unless iTunes first transmits the current song that you're playing to Apple?"
Boing Boing: iTunes update spies on your listening and sends it to Apple?

( Permalink: iTunes update spies on your listening?      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 14, 2006 )

The Poor Man's Raid Array
How to build your own RAID device.
"What self-respecting geek doesn't get the warm fuzzies at the mere mention of the RAID. With the rising GB to Dollar ratio, we felt it was a good time to feature a project that takes Pure Geekieness(TM) and mixes in a good helping of do it your self. Where else are you going to store all those MP3s (legally obtained, of course)? On a single 200 GB Drive? Or a RAID 5 Array? Take you pick, I know where I will be storing mine."
The Poor Man's Raid Array

( Permalink: The Poor Man's Raid Array      Submitted by Noel Sat Jan 14, 2006 )

eboard chess program
Like to play chess? Here is a review of eboard.
"All this to say that chess is one of the most popular and one of the most enduring games in the history of the world. Chess is a game of wits, in which one opponent pits his mind against another. When that opponent is a computer, it gets even more interesting. When Garry Kasparov played against Deep Bule in 1996, he reportedly stated that he 'could feel a new kind of intelligence across the table'. Now, if you haven't played a decent game of computer chess lately, it's time to check out Felipe Bergo's eboard, a great chess-playing program that lets you play against your own system, play against another player remotely, or join an online game using the FICS protocol (Free Internet Chess Server)."
Marcel's Linux Game of the Month : eboard

( Permalink: eboard chess program      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 13, 2006 )

Instant Python
Tutorial on programming in Python.
"This is a minimal crash-course in the programming language Python. To learn more, take a look at the documentation at the Python web site, www.python.org; especially the tutorial. If you wonder why you should be interested, check out the comparison page where Python is compared to other languages."
And now for something completely different: Instant Python

( Permalink: Instant Python      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 13, 2006 )

Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged
Interesting tool.
"This is a guide to create or restore images of your partitions using the great open source tool Partimage. It provides information on how to do this locally or across the network, by setting up a Partimaged Server. I guess this info is non distribution specific, since we will work from a Rescue environment."
Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged

( Permalink: Partition images with Partimage and Partimaged      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 13, 2006 )

Ajax design patterns for Web services
This article shows you how to implement a Web browser-based SOAP Web services client using Ajax design patterns. In the Part 1 of this series, the author introduced a simple Web browser-based JavaScript library for invoking SOAP Web services using AJAX. In the discussion that follows, the author expands on functions of that JavaScript library by implementing basic support for the Web Services.

( Permalink: Ajax design patterns for Web services      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jan 13, 2006 )

Using automount on Mac OS X
Nice informative page on different mounting options on a Mac.
"Various methods are available on Mac OS X for mounting remote filesystems. This page documents several methods by which OS X can mount Network File System (NFS) shares: from the Finder, static mount entries, or by using automount. These methods have only been tested on 10.2; earlier releases may not support what is documented below. Automounting works in 10.3, but only from a file and not NetInfo."
Using automount on Mac OS X

( Permalink: Using automount on Mac OS X      Submitted by Noel Fri Jan 13, 2006 )

How to use GTK+ in C and a C# Python comparison
This article is a nice hands-on introduction to GTK+ and analyzes a sample GTK+ application written in C. It then shows that same application written in Python and C#. Finally, it discusses some useful tools that can help you develop better applications faster with GTK+.

( Permalink: How to use GTK+ in C and a C# Python comparison      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jan 12, 2006 )

Image Scaling on the Mac Mini Multimedia Appliance
Lewin Edwards looks at the history and design of X and why it matters for an embedded graphics system and introduces a basic scripting language for controlling a multimedia display device. Fast integer math for scaling images and an innovative use of a popular file format help bring the multimedia machine project together.

( Permalink: Image Scaling on the Mac Mini Multimedia Appliance      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jan 12, 2006 )

Get the most out of your video iPod
Nice article describing how to get more out of your video iPod.
"If you're one of the lucky ones sporting a new fifth generation iPod, I'm sure you're well aware that your iPod can now play videos. iTunes was quick to offer downloads of a couple of popular television shows and music videos for a price, and while they continue to add more, there's a lot of free video content out there for your iPod if you know where to look."
Hack Attack: Get the most out of your video iPod - Lifehacker

( Permalink: Get the most out of your video iPod      Submitted by Noel Thu Jan 12, 2006 )

Ubuntu File And Print For Windows Workgroups
This is a detailed tutorial about the steps to set up a Ubuntu based server (Ubuntu 5.10 - Breezy Badger) to act as file- and print server for Windows workstations in small workgroups. This howto uses the tdb backend for Samba to store passwords and account information. This is suitable for workgroups for up to 250 users and is easier to setup than an LDAP backend.

Installed Software:
  • Samba as domain controller
  • Cups
  • Foomatic printer drivers

( Permalink: Ubuntu File And Print For Windows Workgroups      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed Jan 11, 2006 )

Storage expert warns of short life span for CDs
Scary article for those of us who have backup files on CD!
"Unlike pressed original CDs, burned CDs have a relatively short life span of between two to five years, depending on the quality of the CD," Gerecke said in an interview this week. "There are a few things you can do to extend the life of a burned CD, like keeping the disc in a cool, dark space, but not a whole lot more."
Storage expert warns of short life span for burned CDs - Computerworld

( Permalink: Storage expert warns of short life span for CDs      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 11, 2006 )

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