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Explore the Linux Memory Model
Memory management is a large, complex, and time-consuming set of tasks, one that is difficult to achieve because crafting a model how systems behave in real-world, multi-programmed environments is a tough job. Components like scheduling, paging behavior, and multiple-process interactions presents a considerable challenge. This article will help you decipher the basic knowledge required to engage the challenge of Linux memory management, providing you with a start.

( Permalink: Explore the Linux Memory Model      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jan 26, 2006 )

Before You Buy an Intel Mac
This article explores when you should jump in and buy that new Intel based Mac.
"It's official. The first Intel Macs were announced on January 10 at Macworld Expo. An Intel-based iMac is already shipping and a 15" MacBook Pro will ship next month. Perhaps you are already chomping at the bit, anxious to get one of these new speed demons for yourself. I understand. In fact, I ordered a new iMac the same day they were announced. But it's my job to jump into the deep end of the new technology pool. Before you rush out and order a new Mac, take a deep breath, pause and consider the following:"
Ted Landau's User Friendly View - Before You Buy an Intel Mac || The Mac Observer

( Permalink: Before You Buy an Intel Mac      Submitted by Noel Thu Jan 26, 2006 )

FastCGI, SCGI, and Apache
Some thoughts on FastCGI, SCGI, and Apache.
"Over at the Ruby on Rails Weblog, David made a post titled Apache gets serious about FastCGI. I've tangled with FastCGI more than most people have, for a variety of reasons that I won't get into except to say that I've spent time at places where Apache wasn't the web server of choice and where PHP wasn't the only language in use. Here's some of my thoughts on the whole FastCGI thing that may be useful to someone new to the game."
FastCGI, SCGI, and Apache: Background and Future at VMUNIX Blues

( Permalink: FastCGI, SCGI, and Apache      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 25, 2006 )

From Analog to VoIP
Nice interview about Asterrisk and other things.
"Asterisk isn't the only notable open-source project which came from Spencer. He is the creator of the better-known GAIM, the cross-platform instant messenger which brings a user's accounts from the major messenger applications (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, etc.) under one convenient program. Both Asterisk and GAIM share the idea that merging together multiple communication platforms to operate in one system is a good thing, with the former doing this for the various telephony technologies and standards."
From Analog to VoIP: Asterisk Brings Telephony Together Under One Open-Source Platform :: OSDir.com :: Open Source, Linux News

( Permalink: From Analog to VoIP      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 25, 2006 )

Long Range Links Explained
Very well done article that explains how long distance wifi links work (legal ones).
"I recently managed a successful 5km link across town, using just standard access points and antenna. While working out all of the signal loss calculations to see if the link was even possible, I started to understand how long range links work, and how manufacturers such as Cisco have been able to offer long range links while staying within the legal transmission power limits for Wi-Fi. "
Long Range Links Explained - Gumph

( Permalink: Long Range Links Explained      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 25, 2006 )

The Perfect Linux Firewall
The IPCop project is a GNU/GPL project that offers an exceptional feature packed stand alone firewall to the internet community. Its comprehensive web interface, well documented administration guides, and its involved and helpful user/administrative mailing lists make users of any technical capacity feel at home. It goes far beyond a simple ipchains / netfilter implementation available in most Linux distributions and even the firewall feature sets of commercial competitors.
Full Article

( Permalink: The Perfect Linux Firewall      Submitted by J Wed Jan 25, 2006 )

Configuring iTunes for multi-room playback
This sounds way cool.
"When Apple recently updated iTunes it failed to highlight one of the program's coolest new features the ability for iTunes to broadcast to up to three AirPort Express modules. That's right, you can now stream music from your computer to multiple rooms equipped with AirPort Expresses while also playing iTunes through your computer's speakers."
Playlist: Configuring iTunes for multi-room playback

( Permalink: Configuring iTunes for multi-room playback      Submitted by Noel Wed Jan 25, 2006 )

Running A MySQL-Based DNS Server: MyDNS
In this tutorial I will describe how to install and configure MyDNS, a DNS server that uses a MySQL database as backend instead of configuration files like, for example, Bind or djbdns. This has the advantage that you can easily use web-based frontends to administrate your DNS records. You could even write your own frontend, e.g. using PHP, to interact with the MyDNS database. MyDNS simply reads the records from the database, and it does not have to be restarted/reloaded when DNS records change or zones are created/edited/deleted! This is a major advantage.

( Permalink: Running A MySQL-Based DNS Server: MyDNS      Submitted by Falko Timme Tue Jan 24, 2006 )

Remote access Mandriva 2006 Free with FreeNX

FreeNX application/thin-client server is based on NoMachine’s NX technology. It can operate remote X11 sessions over 56k modem dialup links or anything better. FreeNX package contains a free (GPL) implementation of the nxserver component. The following workshop describes the FreeNX installation on a Mandriva 2006 Free server and accessing it via a Windows XP client.

Read more at Linux-Tip.net

( Permalink: Remote access Mandriva 2006 Free with FreeNX      Submitted by Frank Neugebauer Tue Jan 24, 2006 )

Asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax
I rarely read an entire article about a single object, especially one that is this simple. However, you will use this object over and over again in each page and application that you write that uses Ajax. This article shows you how to create XMLHttpRequest instances in a cross-browser way, construct and send requests, and respond to the server.

( Permalink: Asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jan 24, 2006 )

Building emacs22 on Mac OS X
I always run emacs in a terminal. But if you like yours GUI then take a look at this.
"You have two choices: building a double-clickable .app, or building the usual command-line-launched binary, presumably with X11 support. These choices are mutually incompatible: you can't create both with one build. Moreover, I've found that installing the Carbon app will deploy pieces that break the X11 support, so if you're going to do both, do the Carbon app first, then the X11 binary."
Building emacs22 on Mac OS X

( Permalink: Building emacs22 on Mac OS X      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 24, 2006 )

Cheat Knoppix to Improve Performance -- Part 4
Learn how to run your personal, live-Knoppix configuration on any PC. MozillaQuest Magazine (MozillaQuest.Com) reports: ". . . in Part 4 of our Knoppix cheats article, you will learn how to put together all the stuff you learned in Parts 1 through 3 to make a very portable, Live-Knoppix setup. It's really very slick and it is very handy too . . . we are going to put the Persistent Knoppix image on the same USB key that we put the live Knoppix CD that we used for the performance cheats in Part 2. When we boot our Persistent Knoppix, we are going to use the cheat from Part 1 to force Knoppix to use the ALSA drivers. Moreover, we are going to chain the ALSA cheat and the performance cheat at the same boot: prompt as we learned to do in Part 3."

( Permalink: Cheat Knoppix to Improve Performance -- Part 4      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jan 24, 2006 )

Learn to talk awk
Nice article describing the text processing tool awk.
"When it comes to slicing and dicing text, few tools are as powerful, or as underutilized, as awk. The name "awk" was coined from the initials of its authors, Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan -- yes, the same Kernighan of the famous Kernighan and Ritchie "C Programming Language" book. In the Linux world, every distribution includes the GNU version, gawk (/bin/awk is usually a symbolic link to /bin/gawk). The GNU version has a few more features than the original. Let's play with some of the core features common among POSIX-compliant awks."
Linux.com | CLI Magic: Learn to talk awk

( Permalink: Learn to talk awk      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 23, 2006 )

pool.ntp.org: the internet cluster of ntp servers
Need a time server? Want to help an interesting project? Take a look at pool.ntp.org
"The pool.ntp.org project is a big virtual cluster of timeservers striving to provide reliable easy to use NTP service for millions of clients without putting a strain on the big popular timeservers."
pool.ntp.org: the internet cluster of ntp servers

( Permalink: pool.ntp.org: the internet cluster of ntp servers      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 23, 2006 )

Gorkem Cetin - The People Behind KDE
"I lead KDE Turkey group, which is quite active, by means of local events and KDE promotion. I also work with the Uludag project to make people's life easier while they are running Pardus, the Linux distribution Tubitak/UEKAE works on. My main job is to build a QA model, leverage desktop ease of use and increase user experience, which are my doctorate subjects."
Gorkem Cetin - The People Behind KDE

( Permalink: Gorkem Cetin - The People Behind KDE      Submitted by Noel Mon Jan 23, 2006 )

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