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Red Hat officially commits to MIT's $100 laptop
Not sure what this will mean for the project but kudos to red Hat.
"Linux software vendor Red Hat Inc. plans to publicly confirm on Tuesday that it has become a founding corporate member of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization."
Macworld: News: Red Hat officially commits to MIT's $100 laptop

( Permalink: Red Hat officially commits to MIT's $100 laptop      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 2, 2006 )

Guide to Asterisk@Home 2.4
If you have never played with Asterisk this is a great way to get started. The Asterisk@home CD is very easy, boot it and it installs Asterisk on your PC.
"Want a rock-solid PBX at a rock-bottom price: free! Well, it's almost Ground Hog's Day so here we go again! Asterisk@Home 2.4 has hit the street because of a serious bug-fix release of Asterisk. Now you get version 1.2.3 of Asterisk, and you also get the latest and greatest version of Linux, CentOS 4.2; the latest Festival Speech Engine (1.96); the latest version of the Asterisk Management Portal (1.10.010); the Flash Operator Panel (version 0.24); Open A2Billing; Digium card auto-configuration; NVfaxdetect support; loads of AGI scripts including weather forecasts and wakeup calls; xPL support; the SugarCRM Contact Management System with the Cisco XML Services interface and Click-to-Dial support; plus lots more. And, yes, it still fits on a single CD!"
Nerd Vittles: Newbie's Guide to Asterisk@Home 2.4: Unabridged Soup-to-Nuts Installation Guide

( Permalink: Guide to Asterisk@Home 2.4      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 2, 2006 )

Power.org at the One-Year Crossroads
As Power.org celebrates its first birthday, take a look at what happened in year one and what's ahead. MacLaren Harris interviews Marketing Programs Manager for Power.org Jesse Stein and discovers what is working and what needs work; how Power.org has grown and what has been achieved; and how individual developers can participate.

( Permalink: Power.org at the One-Year Crossroads      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Feb 2, 2006 )

The Gift of Technology Palm-Reading
Instead of making technology predictions for 2006, the Power Architecture challenge takes prognosticators to task, debunking some classic fortune-telling myths, showing how much successful scrying and blindfolded dart-playing have in common.

( Permalink: The Gift of Technology Palm-Reading      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Feb 2, 2006 )

Tweaking iTunes
Article about some little known things you can do with iTune.
"Many people won't even try to print anything from iTunes--after all, it's not used to create any kind of document. But if you do select an album or playlist and hit Command+P, you'll find a clever dialog box that lets you print various kinds of CD sleeves, including album artwork and neatly formatted track listings. In full color, if you want."
MacDevCenter.com: Tweaking iTunes

( Permalink: Tweaking iTunes      Submitted by Noel Thu Feb 2, 2006 )

Tom Chance - The People Behind KDE
Interview with Tom Chance.
"There are lots of KDE applications that aren't shipped as part of KDE and that don't get a lot of attention because they're generally not used by computer science geeks. But I've come to depend upon Kile, which makes writing essays much easier than a cumbersome word processor; KDissert is a very nice little mind mapping tool; RSIBreak keeps me from wearing out my wrists before I hit the age of 30. But really KDE as a whole needs more publicity. People ought to see how well applications can fit together, how working with remote files becomes painless, and so on."
Tom Chance - The People Behind KDE

( Permalink: Tom Chance - The People Behind KDE      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 1, 2006 )

Review: vile editor is anything but
The vile editor, reviewed.
"vi has several clones, such as calvin, Elvis, nvi, viper, and Vim, but vile isn't another vi clone, according to its maintainer, Thomas Dickey. It has the most common vi commands, but doesn't look quite like vi. vile is an editor that works and feels like vi but, like Emacs, incorporates features for editing multiple files in multiple windows."
Linux.com | Review: vile editor is anything but

( Permalink: Review: vile editor is anything but      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 1, 2006 )

Interview: Ken Starks, Lobby4Linux
Nice interview with Ken Starks.
"Ken Starks is a man with a mission: He wants to see Linux succeed on the desktop. To that end, Starks has been beating the drum for Linux on his Lobby4Linux Web site the past year or so. More recently, he has launched something called The Austin Project, which has since been renamed to Linux4Austin. The project aims to bring desktop Linux to the attention of the masses with a radio ad campaign."
NewsForge | Interview: Ken Starks, Lobby4Linux

( Permalink: Interview: Ken Starks, Lobby4Linux      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 1, 2006 )

Geekbench Comparison
Nice overview of a bunch of different machines.
"The twelve machines I got results from span a fairly wide spectrum of computers currently (and recently) available, ranging from a low-end desktop to a rack-mounted server. Rather than arrange them by clock speed, I’ve grouped them by type (low-end Mac, high-end Mac, PC), and within the group I’ve arranged the machines by release date."
geekpatrol.ca: Geekbench Comparison

( Permalink: Geekbench Comparison      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 1, 2006 )

Installing the GNU Gnash Flash Player
So you might have heard of the new GNU Gnash Flash player from the folks at gnu.org. While still in it's infancy, it's the first (working) non-Macromedia Flash 7 player available.

Today PCBurn has an article up walking you through installing Gnash on Linux. It's geared toward Mandriva, but can be used by anyone to compile Gnash from source.

( Permalink: Installing the GNU Gnash Flash Player      Submitted by Chris Bergeron Wed Feb 1, 2006 )

Linux Virtualization with Xen
Nice article on Xen.
"Xen is the new virtualization kid on the block. It's gaining visibility and importance at a speed only projects such as Linux and Apache have seen before. Xen has been around for a couple of years: it was originally part of the Xenoserver platform, which aimed to build a public infrastructure for wide-area distributed computing. Ian Pratt, the principal investigator of the Xenoserver project at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, still leads the development team."
LinuxDevCenter.com: Linux Virtualization with Xen

( Permalink: Linux Virtualization with Xen      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 31, 2006 )

Open source software and games
How do you make money writing open source games? With a business model all things are possible.
"Open source games do exist, and the development scene is active and creative. You can get a taste of this by visiting sites devoted to Linux gaming, such as The Linux Game Tome, which highlights updated open source game projects every day. You can usually find a couple of announcements for new open source game projects every week."
NewsForge | Open source software and games

( Permalink: Open source software and games      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 31, 2006 )

Create Mosaic Images with Perl and ImageMagick
Mosaic images are popular in today's print and video media due to their visual appeal and suggestions of technological advancement. Use simple Perl scripts to automate the image manipulation, text creation, and compositing of arbitrary mosaic images. Learn how to use ImageMagick, GD, and The Gimp to create your own mosaic images suitable for static display and dynamic content.

( Permalink: Create Mosaic Images with Perl and ImageMagick      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jan 31, 2006 )

Generate PDF Files Dynamically with Java
Many applications demand dynamic generation of PDF documents. Such applications range from banks generating customer statements for e-mail delivery to readers buying specific book chapters and receiving them in PDF format. The list is endless. This article uses the iText Java library to generate PDF documents.

( Permalink: Generate PDF Files Dynamically with Java      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jan 31, 2006 )

Steve Jobs' Magic Kingdom
This article speculates about how Steve Jobs might change Disney.
"The one-time enfant terrible of the technology world has calmed down considerably en route to becoming a 50-year-old billionaire. But what hasn't changed is his passion for doing, and saying, just about anything to help create the kinds of products that consumers love. In the nine years since Jobs returned to Apple, his unique modus operandi has sparked broad changes in the world of music, movies, and technology."
Steve Jobs' Magic Kingdom

( Permalink: Steve Jobs' Magic Kingdom      Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 31, 2006 )

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