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Linux Works Even for Total Newbies
In this new article, Rob Milner shares how easy it can be to introduce a Windows user to the benefits of Linux. He offers many useful explanations for migrating people to Linux and shares the outcome of his own experiences. He also puts an end to the idea that people "lose" things when moving... Complete article

( Permalink: Linux Works Even for Total Newbies      Submitted by Mark Rais Tue Mar 7, 2006 )

The Perfect Linux Firewall Part II
This is the second segment in a series on installing the GNU/Linux IPCop firewall. We will be creating a “DMZ” for hosting our very own web server & mail server & configuring Copfilter to filter ingress and egress application layer network traffic.
The Perfect Linux Firewall Part II -- IPCop & Copfilter

( Permalink: The Perfect Linux Firewall Part II      Submitted by Joseph Guarino Tue Mar 7, 2006 )

If Shale isn't Struts then what is it?
What Shale isn't is a shrink-wrapped, well-documented, well-tested product complete with an automated installer and a polished management interface. now find out what it is, as Brett McLaughlin unveils this mighty -- and rightful-- heir to the legacy of Struts. In this first of a five-part series, Brett explains what Shale is, how it's different from the Struts framework, and how to install and set it up in your development environment.

( Permalink: If Shale isn't Struts then what is it?      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Mar 7, 2006 )

Beyond the Front Row with the Apple Remote
Cool things you can do with your Apple remote.
"Not only are half of Apple's computer offerings running with Intel processors, they also all come with a remote control. And you can get a remote for your iPod (with the Universal Dock) and it comes with the iPod Hi-Fi. The main reason for including the sophisticatedly simple remote is that it is the interface tool for accessing Front Row. But the diminutive device does that and so much more. "
iBlog: Beyond the Front Row with the Apple Remote, March 6, 2006

( Permalink: Beyond the Front Row with the Apple Remote      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 7, 2006 )

Build a Six-headed, Six-user Linux System
Very interesting project.
"A Multi-Seat Linux Box: This tutorial shows how to build a multi-head, multi-user Linux box using a recent distribution of Linux and standard USB keyboards and mice. Xorg calls this arrangement a "multi-seat" system."
Build a Six-headed, Six-user Linux System

( Permalink: Build a Six-headed, Six-user Linux System      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 6, 2006 )

Configuring Tomcat5 and Apache2 with Virtual Hosts
This tutorial explains how to setup an Apache2 web server in order to support Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlets using virtually hosted websites. Tomcat 5 is used as servlet container, and mod_jk as Tomcat connector.
The setup is described for systems without any hosting control panel and also for systems that use the ISPConfig hosting control panel.

( Permalink: Configuring Tomcat5 and Apache2 with Virtual Hosts      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Mar 6, 2006 )

Tour de Babel
There is a lot in this article, and even what you don't agree with should make you think about some things.
"I think there may still be more Lisp hackers, per capita, in CS Apps than in any other group at Amazon. Not that they get to use it much, but as Eric Raymond said, even if you don't program in it much, learning Lisp will be a profound experience that will make you a better engineer for the rest of your life.
Religion isn't the opiate of the masses anymore, Karl. IDEs are."
Tour de Babel

( Permalink: Tour de Babel      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 6, 2006 )

Better Networking with SCTP
SCTP is a reliable, general-purpose transport layer protocol for use on IP networks. While the protocol was originally designed for telephony signaling, SCTP provided an added bonus -- it solved some of the limitations of TCP while borrowing beneficial features of UDP. SCTP provides features for high availability, increased reliability, and improved security for socket initiation. This article discusses the key features of SCTP in the Linux 2.6 kernel and takes a look at the server and client source code that shows the protocol's ability to deliver multi-streaming.

( Permalink: Better Networking with SCTP      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Mar 6, 2006 )

Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide
I am sure this will void your warranty, but the pictures are cool.
"The Intel Mac mini's case is just like that on the PPC model and can be opened by prying upward with a sharp putty knife while working your way around the bottom of the case:"
Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide

( Permalink: Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide      Submitted by Noel Mon Mar 6, 2006 )

Archiving Korn Shell History Files
Interesting shell scripts.
"In this column, we present a collection of shell scripts that attempts to mitigate some of these drawbacks. You shouldn't rely on our solution to catch users bent on mischief. Tools like Solaris's Basic Security Module (BSM) are better suited for that type of monitoring. However, you might find that our scripts significantly increase the value of your shell history files. Also, the resulting information might be easier to work with than the massive amounts of data that can be generated by a system like BSM."
Archiving Korn Shell History Files

( Permalink: Archiving Korn Shell History Files      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 3, 2006 )

Linux taken for a ride in the Old West
One more city switching to Linux.
"But although it is a town steeped in tradition, the city administration is open to new technologies, and has been using OpenOffice.org, Firefox and various other open source applications for a number of years. It has been using Linux servers for five years and is considering a move to Linux desktops in the future. Open source has also proved invaluable to Steamboat Springs and its neighbouring towns in enabling e-government services."
Linux taken for a ride in the Old West - ZDNet UK Insight

( Permalink: Linux taken for a ride in the Old West      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 3, 2006 )

Linux Multimedia Studio
Review of several music apps for Linux.
"I have to confess that whilst I like all sorts of music, a bit of techno can be just what the doctor ordered. It blows the cobwebs away and gets the blood running. Making one's own can be even more fun. There are three applications that allow for this sort of music creation that I know of for Linux. Freebirth, Reborn and LMMS."
LXer: Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) aka

( Permalink: Linux Multimedia Studio      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 3, 2006 )

Develop Your Own Filesystem With FUSE
With Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE), you can develop a user space filesystem framework without understanding filesystem internals or learning kernel module programming. Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to install, customize, and enable FUSE and AFS, so you can create your own fully functional filesystem in user space in Linux.

( Permalink: Develop Your Own Filesystem With FUSE      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Mar 3, 2006 )

MacBook Pro
Review of a Mac book pro.
"Just about a month-and-a-half after Steve Jobs's surprisingly unsurprising announcement at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco that the first two Intel-based Macs to be rolled out would be the iMac and the MacBook Pro—the apparently newly renamed PowerBook—MacBook Pros finally started arriving at eager users' doorsteps. The six-week gap between announcement and arrival was plenty of time for rumors to grow."
MacBook Pro : Page 1

( Permalink: MacBook Pro      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 3, 2006 )

Tux-shaped computer runs Linux
I want one! This makes me a little worried :p
"Acme Systems is shipping a Penguin-shaped case for a tiny SBC (single-board computer) powered by an innovative MCM (multi-chip module) that runs Linux. The 6.7-inch tall, 30-Euro "Tux Case" houses the company's "Acme Fox," a 2.6 x 2.8-inch, 100-Euro, RISC-based board with Ethernet and dual-USB interfaces, and surface-mount connectors for other I/O. "
Tux-shaped computer runs Linux

( Permalink: Tux-shaped computer runs Linux      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 2, 2006 )

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