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An Introduction to awk
I have used Perl instead of awk. But I have always wondered if I was missing out.
"The awk programming language often gets overlooked for Perl, which is a more capable language. Out in the real world, however awk is found even more ubiquitously than Perl. It also has a smaller learning curve than Perl does, and awk can be used almost everywhere in system monitoring scripts, where efficiency is key. This brief tutorial is designed to help you get started in awk programming."
An Introduction to awk | Linux Journal

( Permalink: An Introduction to awk      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 10, 2006 )

Open-source bug hunt results posted
People familiar with the concept of Open Source Software understand that code exposed to strong daylight tends to be rigorously debugged. The Open Source concept invites inspection for other purposes too such as to simply evaluate by comparison software produced under it.
Here, one such effort produces a report card with fascinating and reassuring results.

( Permalink: Open-source bug hunt results posted      Submitted by Reid Fri Mar 10, 2006 )

How to deploy GTK+ with handy dev-tools
GTK+ is a big player here and one of the more widely used software packages and has had more reviews, more bugs reported (and, therefore, fixed), which has lead to a better and easier-to-use development library. This article takes A look at sample GTK+ applications and handy development tools that allow you to deploy a GTK+ application and everything you need to get your product to the user.

( Permalink: How to deploy GTK+ with handy dev-tools      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Mar 10, 2006 )

What Are Your MacBook Pro Impressions?
Some opinions about the MacBook Pro.
"Now that a steady flow of MacBook Pros are hitting the streets, I'm curious about what users' first impressions are. I'm sure there are many like me who are wildly interesting in investing in one, but who aren't sure yet how Apple's latest laptop plays out in everyday use."
What Are Your MacBook Pro Impressions? - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

( Permalink: What Are Your MacBook Pro Impressions?      Submitted by Noel Fri Mar 10, 2006 )

Mr. Dell opens up about Desktop Linux
Excellent article that tells us about Linux and Dell.
"Michael Dell, chairman of Dell Inc. believes in offering Linux on the desktop, server, and workstation. What he doesn't believe in, for now, is giving Linux full support on the desktop. In an exclusive interview, Dell explained his company's Linux desktop strategy to DesktopLinux.com's Steven J. Vaughan Nichols."
Mr. Dell opens up about Desktop Linux

( Permalink: Mr. Dell opens up about Desktop Linux      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 9, 2006 )

Linux Terminal Server for Home Media PCs
I like the box.
"To setup a Media PC Terminal Server: I installed the latest Ubuntu Dapper Flight 4 release i386 under VMWare. It is still very rough, but usable. I figured that running a terminal server in VMWare should be sufficient for testing, and if it is too slow I can always transfer the client images to be served from my main computer."
Blah Blah Blog Linux Terminal Server for Home Media PCs

( Permalink: Linux Terminal Server for Home Media PCs      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 9, 2006 )

LinuxForum Day 2
Interesting news from LinuxForum. IBM to drop Microsoft?
"Andreas Pleschek also told that IBM has cancelled their contract with Microsoft as of October this year. That means that IBM will not use Windows Vista for their desktops. Beginning from July, IBM employees will begin using IBM Workplace on their new, Red Hat-based platform. Not all at once - some will keep using their present Windows versions for a while. But none will upgrade to Vista."
GROKLAW LinuxForum Day 2

( Permalink: LinuxForum Day 2      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 9, 2006 )

Apple Mac mini (Intel) review
Should I buy one of these? :) I am really thinking about it.
"Apple launched the Mac mini about this time last year. The original G4 mini was a triumph of compact design, and the newest Apple Mac mini ($799 direct) shares the same form factor and thankfully, the same value-minded media hub/PC mentality."
Apple Mac mini (Intel) review by PC Magazine

( Permalink: Apple Mac mini (Intel) review      Submitted by Noel Thu Mar 9, 2006 )

What is UNIX, Anyway?
The Thirty Years' War was long and dreary and mostly pointless, but in the end, some good came out of it: the Peace of Westphalia. The UNIX wars were also long, dreary, and mostly pointless, but much good came out of them too. As compared with other operating system standards -- which are often highly volatile at best or non-existent at worst -- when it comes to UNIX, the elements are so mixed in the documentation that Nature might stand up and say to all the world 'This is a standard.'

( Permalink: What is UNIX, Anyway?      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Mar 9, 2006 )

Tcl the misunderstood
I have used expect, so I suppose that should count as writing tcl code. If you have never used expect, then you are missing out on some great things.
"Tcl is not without faults, but most of its limitations are not hard coded in the language design, they are just the result of the fact that Tcl lost its "father" (John Ousterhout) a number of years ago, and together with him any kind of single-minded strong leadership that was able to take strong decisions. With the right changes it is possible to overcome most of the limitations of Tcl, and at the same time preserve the power of the language. "
Tcl the misunderstood

( Permalink: Tcl the misunderstood      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 8, 2006 )

System Administration with ooRexx
Never written anything in Rexx but have been hearing from its missionaries for years.
"Rexx's ease of use led to its role as the bundled scripting language of the Amiga OS and OS/2. Its power awarded it the same role on the three major mainframe operating systems--OS, VM, and VSE. Today there are several free Rexx interpreters that run on every machine, from handhelds and desktops to servers and mainframes. We discussed traditional, procedural Rexx in Rexx: Power Through Simplicity. Related Reading Classic Shell Scripting Classic Shell Scripting Hidden Commands that Unlock the Power of Unix By Arnold Robbins, Nelson H.F. Beebe Table of Contents Index Sample Chapter Read Online--Safari Search this book on Safari: Code Fragments only "
ONLamp.com -- System Administration with ooRexx

( Permalink: System Administration with ooRexx      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 8, 2006 )

Securely deleting files with shred
Review of shred.
"Deleting a file with the rm command merely adds a file's data blocks back to the system's free list. A file can be restored easily if its "freed" blocks have not been used again. shred repeatedly overwrites a file's space on the hard disk with random data, so even if a data recovery tool finds your file, it will be unreadable. By default, shred does not delete a file, but you can use the -u or --remove switch to delete it."
Linux.com | CLI Magic: Securely deleting files with shred

( Permalink: Securely deleting files with shred      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 8, 2006 )

Getting wireless to work in kubuntu
Short article on wireless under Kubuntu Linux.
"You have finally bitten the bullet. Kubuntu Linux is installed on that computer of yours. Unfortunatly, you can't use it to surf the web. It's wireless care isn't natively supported by Linux. Not to worry, this guide will teach you the basics."
getting wireless to work in kubuntu

( Permalink: Getting wireless to work in kubuntu      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 8, 2006 )

Apple iPod Hi-Fi review
Not on my list, but then I am not an audiophile by any stretch.
"It may not be exactly what people were clamoring for at Steve Jobs' most recent media hypevent, but the Apple iPod Hi-Fi ($349 direct) is now part of Apple's steadily growing repertoire of iPod accessories. I got my hands on one and took it for a spin in the PC Magazine audio lab, and I'm very happy with it. The one-piece three-way combination speaker and iPod dock looks a lot like a center-channel speaker from a home theater system, with horizontally set drivers. Though it costs about $50 more, it can thump, sing, and squeal with a lot more power than the Bose SoundDock, plus it's portable. "
Apple iPod Hi-Fi review by PC Magazine

( Permalink: Apple iPod Hi-Fi review      Submitted by Noel Wed Mar 8, 2006 )

What makes Harvard's net tick
Interesting article about a big network.
"Harvard's data network supports 125,000-plus users, its Border Gateway Complex routes about a half-million IP addresses and the network carts around 150T to 200TB of data per day. Jay Tumas, who oversees the operations center at the heart of the network, recently gave Executive News Editor Bob Brown a peek behind the scenes."
What makes Harvard's net tick

( Permalink: What makes Harvard's net tick      Submitted by Noel Tue Mar 7, 2006 )

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