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Jeff's Mac mini setup II
This is absolutely cool. Interesting way to mount a Mac Mini.
123Macmini.com - Photo Gallery - User Setups/Jeff's Mac mini setup II

( Permalink: Jeff's Mac mini setup II      Submitted by Noel Tue May 30, 2006 )

Ubuntu for your grandmother
I gave my mom a Linux box, other than asking me some questions about a commercial software package once, she has been fine with it. These days most people just need a browser.
"They say its for geeks, they say its for nerds, they say its for those whose pinkie finger has the imprint of the enter key tattooed on it. We say its for your grandmother ! Yes my friends, I kid you not, for all of those who are afraid to dip their little toe into the great Linux-Lake let us reassure you : If your grandmother can do it ? So can you. Before we start , let me clarify : We are not talking about turning your Linux machine into a clustered database server with SQL, PHP, Apache, Samba and what have you. We are talking about the advantages of using Linux .. as a desktop"
Knightwise.com - Ubuntu for your grandmother.

( Permalink: Ubuntu for your grandmother      Submitted by Noel Mon May 29, 2006 )

Distributed Cfengine
"In this article we are going to take the script we wrote in Introducing Cfengine and distribute it to all of our servers using cfengine. As an added bonus, we're going to pull both our cfengine configuration and the sudoers file directly out of a versioning system. It's a simple additional step something you should do with all centralized configuration files and provides a convenient control point for modifying and auditing your configurations."
ONLamp.com -- Distributed Cfengine

( Permalink: Distributed Cfengine      Submitted by Noel Mon May 29, 2006 )

How secure is SSH?
Security is more than a tool, no matter how cool the tool.
"Although several major security compromises are made possible through poor SSH design, does that mean that SSH is a likely target? Consider this: SSH is one of the most attacked services. As the SANS Institute states in its current top 20 vulnerabilities roundup, "Of particular interest this year are attacks against SSH." SSH is rated U1, the top UNIX vulnerability. Why is SSH such a target? In this article, you'll learn why people are implementing SSH on Windows, mainframe, and UNIX devices. We'll explore port forwarding, a cool SSH capability. Then we'll take apart the clever administrator's SSH design, including attacks against key authentication itself. "

( Permalink: How secure is SSH?      Submitted by Noel Mon May 29, 2006 )

How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently
Great article on how this guy backs up his machine.
"I'm a paranoid person when it comes to backing up my files, but it took a hard drive crash of my own to make me realize how important backing up can be. Since then, I've gotten very good at making sure my data is secure. The setup I'm about to describe works for me. It's based on how I prioritize my data and on the budget I'm willing to spend to keep everything safe. It's not perfect for everyone, so take what I say with a grain of salt - an example of where to start and what's possible."
Sitening Blog » Blog Archive » How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently

( Permalink: How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently      Submitted by Noel Mon May 29, 2006 )

Backup your MySQL databases automatically
Describes a script that can be used to automate your MySQL database backups.
"With mysqldump anyone can write a small shell script and running it from cron, it will achieve an automatic backup solution. There are many such scripts already available freely and also many commercial solutions also (I assume as I have not tested any really ;) ). The script that I liked the most is AutoMySQLBackup, because it doesn't have any real requirements (mysqldump of course is needed - in any mysql client package - and gzip or bzip2 to compress the resulting file) and has all the features I was looking for in such a script."
Backup your MySQL databases automatically with AutoMySQLBackup | MDLog:/sysadmin

( Permalink: Backup your MySQL databases automatically      Submitted by Noel Mon May 29, 2006 )

Geeks declare open season on Microsoft
"The man who has become a symbol for this movement is Peter Quinn, the mild-mannered former CIO of Massachusetts. Last fall Quinn made it state policy that by January 2007 all state employees would begin saving their work in open-standard formats such as HTML, PDF, and ODF--files that would work on anyone's software, not just Microsoft's. "
Geeks declare open season on Microsoft - May 29, 2006

( Permalink: Geeks declare open season on Microsoft      Submitted by Noel Fri May 26, 2006 )

Nothing to see here. Move along
Interesting list of scripts and other hacks.
"This is a little related to blog above. I write a lot of my blog entries offline on the laptop, and my blogging software uses the mtime of the entry as the time it was written; of course, if I copy stuff from the laptop to the blog server, then the mtime is all screwed and things appear at the wro"
Simon Cozens : Nothing to see here. Move along

( Permalink: Nothing to see here. Move along      Submitted by Noel Fri May 26, 2006 )

The Basics of CRON and Linux Automation
This beginner introduction to the CRON process and tables allows even a novice to automate commands that need to be run repeatedly. With plenty of examples and limited technical jargon, now even novices can start automating their Linux system with at and cron. Complete article

( Permalink: The Basics of CRON and Linux Automation      Submitted by Mark Rais Fri May 26, 2006 )

Security: More Adventures in Kernel Security
So many distributions, so little time.
"I wanted to use the latest kernel patch and needed a platform on which to try it. After searching around for a Linux distribution that was built on the most recent kernel, I settled on the latest Rubix distribution. Rubix is a distribution maintained by Joshua Rubin, who intended this to be a "Slackware-like, stable and supported distribution" with added security."
Unix Review > Security: More Adventures in Kernel Security

( Permalink: Security: More Adventures in Kernel Security      Submitted by Noel Fri May 26, 2006 )

Lies, Statistics, and Benchmarks
Since the second computer was built, users have compared the performance of different computers. Performance matters. Sometimes, a performance difference is just a question of whether a job will be done sooner or later; in other cases, a performance difference might prevent a job from being done at all.

( Permalink: Lies, Statistics, and Benchmarks      Submitted by Anonymous Fri May 26, 2006 )

VisualRoute for OS X - traceroute on steroids
VisualRoute is a tool aimed at networking professionals that need reliable diagnostics software. It comes in six versions that give you the power of connectivity analysis from a single computer, a remote desktop or a remote server.

( Permalink: VisualRoute for OS X - traceroute on steroids      Submitted by Anonymous Fri May 26, 2006 )

A free education
This is a wonderful story about how someone made a real difference at a school by helping them to use some open source software.
"My sister Erika's second grade primary school class had a problem: it had four old computers running Microsoft Windows 98, and no educational software for the computers. The computers were used mainly for viewing children's educational Web sites, and playing simple Macromedia Flash games. I decided to introduce free software into her classroom. The results were heart-warming. "
NewsForge | A free education

( Permalink: A free education      Submitted by Noel Thu May 25, 2006 )

Enterprise Audit Shell
Sarbanes-Oxley has forced many companies to start taking UNIX security seriously. Not a big deal. We all know how to secure a UNIX server: disable unnecessary network daemons; remove unnecessary software packages like compilers and debuggers; institute strict password and account parameters; and search and destroy world-writable files. The only thing that eludes us is how to secure and audit shell access. This is where Enterprise Audit Shell (EAS) comes in.

( Permalink: Enterprise Audit Shell      Submitted by Douglas Hanks Thu May 25, 2006 )

Squid site restrictions
A great article showing how to stop your user from viewing specific sites using Squid: "In the office I needed a way to block some websites permanently and others outside of break times. After looking at some inline solutions I realised that I could easily do what was needed with squid alone."
Debian administration: Squid site restrictions

( Permalink: Squid site restrictions      Submitted by Jure Kodzoman Thu May 25, 2006 )

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