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The 9 Best Widgets
Listing and reviews of some great looking widgets.
"Little attention has really been given to Widgets since Apple made them the in-thing in operating systems (take note of Vista using them) when Tiger was launched last year. There's an awful lot of widgets available that are, questionable, to say the least, but there's also an array of interesting and useful widgets which can actually help you in your way whilst using your Mac."
Apple Matters | The 9 Best Widgets

( Permalink: The 9 Best Widgets      Submitted by Noel Fri Jun 2, 2006 )

How To Set Up A Web-, Mail-, And Database Server
This is a detailed description about how to set up a SuSE 10.1 based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters (Apache web server, Postfix mail server (with SMTP-AUTH and TLS!), DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, etc.).

( Permalink: How To Set Up A Web-, Mail-, And Database Server      Submitted by Falko Timme Thu Jun 1, 2006 )

Developing PHP the Ajax way
Ajax, is arguably the most popular new Web technology on the face of the earth. This article will show you how to speed up application development using the Simple Ajax Toolkit (Sajax). Begin by writing a simple photo album using the standard method of PHP development and then apply Sajax to make it an active Web application.

( Permalink: Developing PHP the Ajax way      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jun 1, 2006 )

Linux: Setup a transparent proxy with Squid
Main benefit of setting transparent proxy is you do not have to setup up individual browsers to work with proxies

This nice and simple guide explains how to setup a transparent proxy with Squid and iptables (DNAT) firewall in three easy steps.

( Permalink: Linux: Setup a transparent proxy with Squid      Submitted by nixcraft Thu Jun 1, 2006 )

Web Development with... Safari
Interesting article about using Safari in web development.
"Other browsers have useful tools though, which gave me an idea for an ad-hoc series highlighting useful web development features, starting with Safari. While it doesn't have an official plugin architecture like Firefox, that hasn't stopped developers finding ways around it and providing excellent plugins."
Web Development with... Safari : journal : hicksdesign

( Permalink: Web Development with... Safari      Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 1, 2006 )

Under... SELinux standing !
Security-enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an implementation of a mandatory access control (MAC) mechanism. This mechanism is in the Linux kernel, checking for allowed operations after standard Linux discretionary access controls are checked.
Standard Linux security is a discretionary access control model (DAC).


( Permalink: Under... SELinux standing !      Submitted by kanenas.net Thu Jun 1, 2006 )

Install your free document management system

OpenDocMan is a full featured Web-based document management system designed to conform to ISO 17025/IEC. It features automatic installation, file expiration, multiple version handling, file check-in/out, departmental access control, file moderation, fine grained user access control, email notification and a search function. It is written in PHP, and is utilizing MySQL for the backend, this software is useful for any company looking to keep their documentation in a centralized repository. Opendocman requires Apache Webserver (or any other webserver, that supports PHP), MySQL Server and PHP 4 or 5 compiled with MySQL Support and Linux. It was partially tested on MS-Windows and IIS-Server.

The workshop explains the installation using Mandriva 2006 free edition. It includes two "Flash Tutorials" also.

( Permalink: Install your free document management system      Submitted by Frank Neugebauer Wed May 31, 2006 )

Managing Apache2 modules the Debian way
The Apache2 HTTP Server is a modular program, where we can choose its functionality by including in the server a set of modules. The modules can be statically compiled into the httpd binary when the server is built. Alternatively, modules can be compiled as Dynamic Shared Objects (DSOs) that exist separately from the main httpd binary file.

( Permalink: Managing Apache2 modules the Debian way      Submitted by Marius Ducea Wed May 31, 2006 )

45 Minutes to a Moodle Education Server
This beginner article by Mark Rais provides step-by-step instructions for installing Moodle, a Learning Management System, on to a Fedora Linux server. It provides the steps necessary to setup a full powered intranet web-server that can support course listings, event calendars, student/teacher communication and... Complete article.

( Permalink: 45 Minutes to a Moodle Education Server      Submitted by Mark Rais Wed May 31, 2006 )

How To Automate Spamcop Submissions
Spamcop is pretty much dependant on user input. If no one submits and verifies spam, then they will have no blacklist. However that whole submission and verification process is a bit annoying. Why should I bother to actually submit spam to Spamcop and have it verified? If I just delete it, that will take less time...
This tutorial shows how to automate this submission and verfication process. All I do is just putting the spam into certain folders and our good old friend cron does the rest.

( Permalink: How To Automate Spamcop Submissions      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed May 31, 2006 )

Securely access your webmail using SSH tunnels
I came across a number of situations where I needed to access my business e-mail from an insecure environment. I am talking about conferences, exhibitions, as well as airports and open WLAN hotspots. Majority of free e-mail providers, such as Google GMail and Yahoo! have options to login by using a https connection over secure sockets layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS). However, in my case, a couple of business mailboxes can be accessed via a webmail that doesn't offer any kind of encryption. The solution is pretty simple - create your own SSH Tunnel.

( Permalink: Securely access your webmail using SSH tunnels      Submitted by Anonymous Wed May 31, 2006 )

Google's Picasa Painted to a Linux Canvas
Rumor is that Google will be porting Google Earth to Linux soon. Go Google!
"According to DiBona, the port of Picasa to the Linux platform will not only give Linux users one more Google application for their general use, but this release will also assist other software developers in their port projects as well."
Linux Today - Update: Google's Picasa Painted to a Linux Canvas

( Permalink: Google's Picasa Painted to a Linux Canvas      Submitted by Noel Tue May 30, 2006 )

Installing Debian Etch
This How To will show how you can install Debian Etch and basically any Debian based distribution from a chroot environment. This way you donít need to download the (net)install CD, neither to burn it.

This is as well a good training in order to understand how a debian system works.

Read more

( Permalink: Installing Debian Etch      Submitted by chantra Tue May 30, 2006 )

DTrace reaches prime time on FreeBSD
A project to bring one of the most advanced features of Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system to the FreeBSD platform has started bearing fruit.

( Permalink: DTrace reaches prime time on FreeBSD      Submitted by george Tue May 30, 2006 )

Linux Triple Play Game Review
Triplex Invaders, Maniadrive, and Lost Labyrinth are perfect for some quick gaming before going out to weekend activities. PCBurn takes a look at what these three Linux games have got and why you might want to give them a try.

( Permalink: Linux Triple Play Game Review      Submitted by Inhibit Tue May 30, 2006 )

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