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Dell succeeds with Linux, plans to distribute SUSE
We have some Dell servers running Linux.
"Although Red Hat is currently Dell's distribution of choice, the computer builder plans to support and distribute Novell's increasingly popular SUSE Linux distribution as well. According to Parker, Dell is "in the process of approving Novell/Suse Linux as a 'tier 1' offering." "
Dell succeeds with Linux, plans to distribute SUSE

( Permalink: Dell succeeds with Linux, plans to distribute SUSE      Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 15, 2006 )

An iPod that's not an iPod
Informative article about the Rockbox firmware replacement for the bios in a iPod.
"From the Rockbox Web site: "Rockbox aims to be considerably more functional and efficient than your device's stock firmware while remaining easy to use and customizable. Rockbox is written by users, for users." This notion of replacing or substituting firmware, particularly on a device as popular as the iPod, opens the door to understanding the possibilities of the hardware inside the device and thus deserves merit. While Apple makes a successful product by combining a well-designed physique with a sparkling personality, it also dumbs down the package for the masses. Rockbox is anything but dumb."
MP3 Insider: An iPod that's not an iPod - CNET reviews

( Permalink: An iPod that's not an iPod      Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 15, 2006 )

DIY 4 GHz Dual Core Gaming Rig For $720
Wow! This would make a fine machine for me, or anyone. I like the water cooling rig.
"It is important to find a processor device with cores designed for a much faster clock than their nominal rating at a speed of up to 4 GHz without problems. With such a CPU and given the right combination of additional parts, you can truly build a high-end PC. And But won't such a project cost an arm and a leg? Think again: Using our select list of components, costs start at about $720 - including a quiet water cooling rig."
Your DIY 4 GHz Dual Core Gaming Rig For $720 | Tom's Hardware

( Permalink: DIY 4 GHz Dual Core Gaming Rig For $720      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 14, 2006 )

How to securely erase the hard disk
There are times when the news sites are abuzz with sensational news items. I am speaking of those news items which tempts one to pitch in and have his/her say come what may. And the news of someone who bought a laptop on ebay only to find it defective and how he took revenge on the seller by posting all the personal data on the hard disk on a website is by now a legend.
This article explains how one can securely erase the data from ones hard disk before selling the PC.

( Permalink: How to securely erase the hard disk      Submitted by sas Wed Jun 14, 2006 )

Printing with Ubuntu
Good article on printing under Ubuntu.
"Ubuntu makes printing reasonably easy and straightforward. This brief article is for those who need a specific and encouraging step-by-step guide. I hope that this article will not only ensure that you print with ease, but that you have every reason to enjoy a productive GNU/Linux desktop."
Printing with Ubuntu

( Permalink: Printing with Ubuntu      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 14, 2006 )

Life on a Mac in a Parallels universe
Nice review of Parallels.
"Parallels is virtualization software that allows Windows and other operating systems to run on Intel-based Macs. It differs from Apple's own Boot Camp in that it allows you to run Windows while running Mac OS X at the same time. There's no need to reboot and choose which operating system you want."
Hands on: Life on a Mac in a Parallels universe

( Permalink: Life on a Mac in a Parallels universe      Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 14, 2006 )

Looking back at one year of OpenSolaris
In June 2005, Sun Microsystems released core elements of its flagship Solaris operating system as open source software, making public more than five million lines of code. The announcement sparked intense interest among developers. But, one year on, are the structures governing the OpenSolaris project fully in place and has the community embraced the offering?

( Permalink: Looking back at one year of OpenSolaris      Submitted by george Wed Jun 14, 2006 )

Diagnose the cause of a slow running UNIX system
The typical UNIX administrator has a key range of utilities, and tricks of the trade he or she uses regularly to aid in the process of keeping their system running smoothly. A majority of the tricks come through years of experience and a desire to ease the system administrator's life. This Study provides examples of how to identify and diagnose the cause of a slow running UNIX system to get your machine back to running properly quickly.

( Permalink: Diagnose the cause of a slow running UNIX system      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jun 13, 2006 )

Talking Dirty with GDB and SSH Tunneling
Ever debugged a program remotely and felt like telling your computer where to go and how to get there? Hopelessly adding calls to printf() and recompiling as a steady string of explectatives flow from your over-caffeinated brain waves.

Fear not! Help is on the way.

( Permalink: Talking Dirty with GDB and SSH Tunneling      Submitted by Curt Brune Tue Jun 13, 2006 )

Interview with Jeff Dike - The creator of User Mod
In this frank interview, Jeff Dike the creator of UML talks about the pros and cons of UML and the future of virtualization technologies as well as what significant role UML is bound to play in the fast changing scenario.
Read the interview

( Permalink: Interview with Jeff Dike - The creator of User Mod      Submitted by howler Tue Jun 13, 2006 )

Mate Master: Allan Odgaard
"TextMate has, over the past year, undergone an explosion not just in popularity, but also in stability and usability. This sort of critical-mass exponential growth is something we're used to seeing from, say, open source software. And TextMate does make great use of OSS scripting languages like ruby, perl, and python. But the application itself is closed-source and Alan is its only developer. How has he managed to stay so productive over the past year?"
Mate Master: Allan Odgaard - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

( Permalink: Mate Master: Allan Odgaard      Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 13, 2006 )

Malaysia's Strong OSS Growth in Servers & Desktops
Adoption and growth in Asia-Pacific is far more expansive than many news stories convey. In this article I present the substantial planning that goes into a national OSS I.T. strategy for Servers & Desktops -- with Malaysia being an excellent example. Growth in Malaysia is strongly linked to government support... Complete article

( Permalink: Malaysia's Strong OSS Growth in Servers & Desktops      Submitted by Mark Rais Tue Jun 13, 2006 )

How To Set Up suPHP With PHP4 And PHP5
This tutorial shows how to install and use suPHP with PHP4 and PHP5. suPHP is a tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners instead of the Apache user. With the help of suPHP you can also have PHP4 and PHP5 installed at the same time which I will describe at the end of this article.

( Permalink: How To Set Up suPHP With PHP4 And PHP5      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Jun 12, 2006 )

Howto: Performance Benchmarks a Web server
You can benchmark Apache, IIS and other web server with apache benchmarking tool called ab.

First, benchmarking a web server is not an easy thing. To benchmark a web server the time it will take to give a page is not important: you donít care if a user can have his page in 0.1 ms or in 0.05 ms as nobody can have such delays on the Internet.

What is important is the average time it will take when you have a maximum number of users on your site simultaneously. Another important thing is how much more time it will take when there are 2 times more users: a server that take 2 times more for 2 times more users is better than another that take 4 times more for the same amount of users.

This article covers tips to carry out benchmarks procedure along with an example.

( Permalink: Howto: Performance Benchmarks a Web server      Submitted by nixcraft Mon Jun 12, 2006 )

Our future with IPV6
After nearly 20 years, Internet Protocol v4 is finally updated. The next-generation Internet protocol, version 6 (IPv6), will soon be the new world order of the Internet. As it grows in popularity, a cluster of new IPv6 features and opportunities will change the way we use the internet. This article shares the concepts of the next-generation Internet protocol and how we can benefit from it.

( Permalink: Our future with IPV6      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Jun 12, 2006 )

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