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Olivier Goffart - The People Behind KDE
Thanks Olivier.
"developer of Kopete. I work on the Kopete core, and on some plugins. I was the MSN plugin maintainer, but now I'm more focused on Jabber. I'm developing a next generation of KNotify for KDE 4."
Olivier Goffart - The People Behind KDE

( Permalink: Olivier Goffart - The People Behind KDE      Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 28, 2006 )

Create GUI dialogs for GNOME and KDE
We have already discussed how you can create text user interfaces for command-line tools using dialog. This time, we are going to look at Zenity and KDialog, which allow you to create GNOME- and KDE-specific front ends for scripts.

Read more at Linux.com

( Permalink: Create GUI dialogs for GNOME and KDE      Submitted by lh8 Fri Jul 28, 2006 )

PHP encryption for the common man
In this increasingly virtual online world, you have to be careful to protect your data. Get an overview of what it means to encrypt and decrypt information, as well as some practical examples involving passwords and other data, using PHP's built-in functionality. With this information you can make your next PHP project a security success.

( Permalink: PHP encryption for the common man      Submitted by Anonymous Fri Jul 28, 2006 )

How-To: Network your UPS
Nice overview of connecting a UPS to your computer (on the data side).
"Got a couple of machines sharing a UPS? In today's How-To, we'll show you how to use your network to shut down all of the computers plugged into it and keep your precious data safe."
How-To: Network your UPS - Engadget

( Permalink: How-To: Network your UPS      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 27, 2006 )

Optimize MySQL response time
High loaded website can get slow to respond when a lot of different visitors visit sites querying the same mysql database server, making it slow to respond. There is many ways you can improve mysql server response time: by modifying the cache size, stopping dns resolution Ö. Letís see how to do that. optimize mysql response time

( Permalink: Optimize MySQL response time      Submitted by chantra Thu Jul 27, 2006 )

Knock Some Sense into your Linux Laptop
Using Linux and the HDAPS kernel drivers, you can access the embedded accelerometers on Lenovo ThinkPads, then process the accelerometer data to read specific sequences of "knocking" events -- literally rapping on the laptop case with your knuckles -- and run commands based on those knocks. Double tap to lock the screen, and knock in your secret code to unlock. You can also download and use article Perl scripts to customize your own knocking input environment.

( Permalink: Knock Some Sense into your Linux Laptop      Submitted by IdaAshley Thu Jul 27, 2006 )

Understanding the Zend Framework
The Zend Framework provides a new IP-certain way to build your PHP applications, aiming to improve your PHP coding experience. In this four part series, we'll use the Zend Framework to build an RSS/Atom feed reader. In Part 1 you will get a high-level view of the Zend Framework, In Part 2 see how to use the framework to create the online feed reader, and get familiar with the MVC pattern. Then in Part 3 you will implement the online feed reader portion of the application, and finally in Part 4 incorporate Web sites that do not support RSS feeds into the online feed-reader interface.

( Permalink: Understanding the Zend Framework      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Jul 27, 2006 )

How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac?
Listing of open source software you can use on your Mac.
"This overview of Mac applications could keep even the most dedicated software enthusiast busy for days. Some of them are proprietary, such as iTunes; others are pure open source. So how does Apple's software, and that of other proprietary companies such as Adobe, compare to their open source counterparts? Matthew Russell gets the conversation rolling with this extensive collection, and even assigns grades for overall categories. We know there are great apps that aren't on this list and hope that you will add the ones (in the Comments section) that you think are important. Try to include URLs if possible. So with no further delay, let's get going."
MacDevCenter.com -- How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac?

( Permalink: How Does Open Source Software Stack Up on the Mac?      Submitted by Noel Thu Jul 27, 2006 )

Mandriva Postfix Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Relay Serve
There are a couple of linux howtos floating on the Internet that deal with this very subject. As a matter of fact, those guides are what inspired to write this one. In the spirit of keeping it simple, let me recommend the Mandrake or as itís currently known Mandriva Linux distro. This guide has been written with this distro in mind.

( Permalink: Mandriva Postfix Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Relay Serve      Submitted by Falko Timme Tue Jul 25, 2006 )

Speed up Apache v2.0 web access or downloads with
You can speed up downloads or web page access time with Apache mod_deflate module. The mod_deflate module provides the DEFLATE output filter that allows output from your server to be compressed before being sent to the client over the network. This decreases the amount of time and data transmitted over the network, resulting in faster web experience or downloads for visitors.

( Permalink: Speed up Apache v2.0 web access or downloads with      Submitted by nixcraft Tue Jul 25, 2006 )

Independent Data and Formatting with Microformats
Microformats are one small step forward toward exporting structured data on the Web; a new way to embed structured data within standard XHTML code. Discover how to read and write the new microformats for the Web.

( Permalink: Independent Data and Formatting with Microformats      Submitted by idaashley Tue Jul 25, 2006 )

Configure FTP servers for IPv6
The next-generation protocol, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), is becoming widely accepted as the future of the Internet and networking world. This acceptance has encouraged various IT companies to develop applications that support and talk with each other through the IPv6 address format. In this article, learn to configure the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for IPv6, and to communicate with FTP servers through a simple Java program that uses the IPv6 address.

( Permalink: Configure FTP servers for IPv6      Submitted by idaashley Tue Jul 25, 2006 )

Understanding the Zend Framework
A couple of years ago, PHP sat at the top of the powerful-but-easy-to-use scripting languages heap. And then -- suddenly, Ruby on Rails hit the programming world like a ton of bricks. Did you really want a ditch it all for Ruby on Rails and start over? Of course not! What was needed was a new framework that incorporates many of these new advantages without dumping your previous PHP work in the garbage, Thus, the Zend Framework was born. This article shares the concepts behind the Zend Framework, including the Model-View-Controller pattern and the PHP coding standards.

( Permalink: Understanding the Zend Framework      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Jul 25, 2006 )

HOWTO Install Kanotix on a USB External Drive
This is a detailed description of the steps taken to setup Kanotix Linux on a USB external drive - creating a extremely portable Linux system with a persistent home directory, the ability to add extra applications, and provide storage accessible on Windows, Macs, and other Linux computers.

( Permalink: HOWTO Install Kanotix on a USB External Drive      Submitted by Daniel Mon Jul 24, 2006 )

Migrating and Moving UNIX Filesystems
Learn how to transfer an entire file system on a live system, including how to create, copy, and re-enable the new file system. If you have a UNIX disk or system failure or simply fill up your file system, then you need to create a new partition and file system and copy over the contents all on a live system. Effectively transferring components and retaining all of their information is a vital part of the migration process.

( Permalink: Migrating and Moving UNIX Filesystems      Submitted by idaashley Mon Jul 24, 2006 )

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