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Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts
Nice list of shortcuts.
"A repository for every keyboard secret in OS X. Some of these are well known, some are not. Shortcuts in the Menu category are common rather than universal. This list should continue to grow exponentially over time."

( Permalink: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts      Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 10, 2006 )

Using both static addresses and DHCP
When you set up your home network an important choice has to be made. Are you going to use dynamic or static addressing? In other words, are you going to assign IP addresses to your computers manually, or will you ask your router to assign them for you dynamically through the use of DHCP? Sometimes, the best is to use both. In this article we'll see what advantages DHCP and static addressing can give us compared to each other and we'll learn how to use both in our home network. Full Story

( Permalink: Using both static addresses and DHCP      Submitted by Linux Mint Wed Aug 9, 2006 )

Replace humans with automated software inspectors
What if you were able to perform a portion of your code reviews automatically? In this first article of the new series Automation for the people, development automation expert Paul Duvall begins with a look at how automated inspectors like CheckStyle, JavaNCSS, and CPD enhance the development process and when you should use them.

( Permalink: Replace humans with automated software inspectors      Submitted by Anonymous Wed Aug 9, 2006 )

Breath new life into OS X iChat
How to make iChat better.
"Following in the footsteps of the previous Breathe new life into OS X Safari post which spurred debates concerning OS X browsers, free vs. paid plugins (extensions), and rendering capabilities, I felt a follow-up post concerning a second regularly used application was in order. An application also of Apple's own creation distributed with every OS X powered computer to date - iChat."
Breath new life into OS X iChat - 5ThirtyOne - Refreshing isn't it?

( Permalink: Breath new life into OS X iChat      Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 9, 2006 )

Apache2 web server basic security measures
While running a HTTP server such as Apache, there is a few step an administrator have to take in order not to get easily hacked. The very basic one is to hide from the outside which software version and operating system version are running. Apache Basic Security Configuration

( Permalink: Apache2 web server basic security measures      Submitted by chantra Tue Aug 8, 2006 )

Change Linux passwords using web
This article shows how to change a system password using a web based PHP script. This is one the essential tasks that many new sys admin find it little difficult as they are not familiar with PHP.

Using concept presented in this article one can write extended edition with any other programming language such as Perl or Python.

( Permalink: Change Linux passwords using web      Submitted by nixcraft Tue Aug 8, 2006 )

How to setup a home network using static addresses
If you have more than one computer at home, you'll probably want to set up a network so that they can communicate. This way you'll be able to share your Internet connection and to transfer files and services between your different computers. Most home networks have two functions: They connect the computers together on the same network and they connect that network to the Internet. The most popular technology to set up home network is called Ethernet and it uses a communication protocol called IP (which stands for "Internet Protocol"). All modern computers now have ethernet or wifi cards and it has become very easy to connect them to the network. Full Story

( Permalink: How to setup a home network using static addresses      Submitted by Linux Mint Tue Aug 8, 2006 )

Key Porting Differences from LinuxThreads to NPTL
The LinuxThreads project originally brought multithreading to Linux, but didn't conform to POSIX threading standards. The introduction of Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL) however, overcame many of these disadvantages. This article describes some of the differences between these two Linux threading models for developers who may need to port their applications or who simply want to understand where the differences lie.

( Permalink: Key Porting Differences from LinuxThreads to NPTL      Submitted by IdaAshley Tue Aug 8, 2006 )

Mac OS X - Leopard Sneak Peek
Info from apple on the next Mac OS X.
"What do you do when you reach enlightenment? Keep going. Mac OS X Tiger was ahead of its time in 2005. But that didn't stop Apple engineers from moving forward. Get a glimpse of the not-so-distant future. Introducing Mac OS X Leopard."
Apple - Apple - Mac OS X - Leopard Sneak Peek

( Permalink: Mac OS X - Leopard Sneak Peek      Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 8, 2006 )

Local DNS Cache for Faster Browsing
Nice howto for setting up DNS caching on your box.
"You can run a DNS cache on your computer. This will speed up the process of looking up domain names when browsing. The difference is about 30-60 ms for me. Multiply that difference by the number of websites you visit a day for an approximate estimate of the speed improvement. Of course, all this would be worth it if it weren't for the fact that setting this up is way too easy."
Ubuntu Blog ยป Local DNS Cache for Faster Browsing

( Permalink: Local DNS Cache for Faster Browsing      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 7, 2006 )

Host a personal diary on your PC using WordPress
This informative article walks one through setting up WordPress blog on ones personal computer. The author explains why it is an ideal platform for maintaining a personal diary. The article also dwells on the features which make WordPress one of the foremost blogging platform.

( Permalink: Host a personal diary on your PC using WordPress      Submitted by sas Mon Aug 7, 2006 )

Richard Bowles' Idiot's Guide to Neural Networks
A look at the subject from a coder's point of view.
"If you use the 'Search' option on your browser to look for articles on Neural Networks or "Connectionism" (which is another name for the same subject), you will find a great many sites explaining what they are and how they work. Unfortunately, they all seem to be written by mathematicians, all of whom speak Double Dutch. This is fine, providing you speak fluent higher mathematics, but when I wanted to find out how they worked, I looked from a programmer's point of view. What I really wanted to find was program source code, but could I find any? I could not!"
Richard Bowles' Idiot's Guide to Neural Networks

( Permalink: Richard Bowles' Idiot's Guide to Neural Networks      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 7, 2006 )

Reiser4 and the politics of the kernel
Why is the Reiser4 filesystem not in the Linux kernel? Recently, the question has been discussed on the kernel mailing list, and it's not a pretty sight; anyone who imagines that kernel development is a rational discourse only needs to look at the exchange to be disillusioned. While both sides claim to be arguing technical merits, the discussion spills over into a debate about the advantages of established procedures and policies. It's also turned into a clash of personalities.

Read more at Linux.com

( Permalink: Reiser4 and the politics of the kernel      Submitted by lh8 Mon Aug 7, 2006 )

Repairing permissions: What you need to know
The inside look at what the repair permissions button does.
"The truth about repairing permissions lies somewhere in between. We're here to help you find it by taking a closer look at repairing permissions. what the function is, what it does, when you should do it, and when you shouldn't."
Macworld: Secrets: Repairing permissions: What you need to know

( Permalink: Repairing permissions: What you need to know      Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 7, 2006 )

Reincarnating a discarded laptop with Linux
Very well done and thought out article.
"Laptop revival stories usually describe detailed procedures for installing Linux and device drivers on a specific make of laptop. This article is more general. How do you go about making an old laptop useful? What steps are involved? Which Linux distributions will work? We'll even discuss how Windows and dual-booting fit into the picture."
Reincarnating a discarded laptop with Linux

( Permalink: Reincarnating a discarded laptop with Linux      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 4, 2006 )

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