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Rands In Repose: Joe
Some great comments about outsourcing to other countries.
"Listen, if you're sitting in my office for an interview, I am assuming you've got technical chops. We wouldn't have let you in the door unless we could figure out from looking at your resume that you had the technical skills to do the job. Doesn't matter if you're a college hire or Mr. Lord of the Database. I'm not vetting you for technical ability, I'm vetting you for the breadth of your vision, I measuring your ambition, and I'm looking for a sign that you believe you can change the world. Really. If all you want to be is a cog in the machine, quietly hiding in the 27th floor of the Behemoth Corporation, Inc., well, that's great, but here's the deal: cogs get outsourced."
Rands In Repose: Joe

( Permalink: Rands In Repose: Joe      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 25, 2006 )

Standardize Your UNIX Command-Line Tools
Examine methods for standardizing your interface to simplify movements between different UNIX systems. If you manage multiple UNIX systems then the hardest task can be switching between the different environments and performing the different tasks while having to consider all of the differences between the systems. This article looks at ways that can provide compatible layers, or wrappers, to support a consistent environment.

( Permalink: Standardize Your UNIX Command-Line Tools      Submitted by IdaAshley Fri Aug 25, 2006 )

Designing a book with LyX
Need to layout a book?
"LyX is "the first WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) document processor." When you start up LyX, the user interface has a look and feel similar to that of a word processor with a stripped down set of toolbars. It includes all the basic word processing functions, such as cut and paste, search and replace, undo, and spell checking. The idea behind LyX is that the user selects a document class, such as Article, Report, Book, Letter, or Slides, and LyX provides the structure. "
NewsForge | Designing a book with LyX

( Permalink: Designing a book with LyX      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 25, 2006 )

Tiny, sub-$100 PC runs Puppy Linux
Every time I see something like this, I want one.
"Then we started to take a video with me starting the device. Michael exclaimed "32 seconds!" when the GUI screen showed up (and I believed him, as the loading of Puppy from the CF was fast). Then I ran the network wizard immediately and was able to connect to the Internet a full minute after I pushed the [power-on] button. "
Tiny, sub-$100 PC runs Puppy Linux

( Permalink: Tiny, sub-$100 PC runs Puppy Linux      Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 25, 2006 )

Book review: Linux Email
Email is one the killer application of Internet. It is the easy method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems.

However many new sysadmin finds it difficult to setup and maintain an email server system. This book is aimed at all new sysadmin who wish to learn the basis of mail server, setup & configuration issues, and advanced topics such as spam/virus protection. This book gives you just what you need to know to set up and maintain an email server.

( Permalink: Book review: Linux Email      Submitted by nixcraft Thu Aug 24, 2006 )

Ubuntu xorg-server update breaks X:
IRC channels, LUG mailing lists, and Ubuntu wikis were buzzing with the news this morning that a recent Ubuntu Xorg update (xorg-server 1:1.0.2-0ubuntu10.3) crashes the X Window System on some video hardware. When X is restarted following installation, affected Ubuntu users get a "no screens found" error message instead of X.

The Dell Inspiron 6400 with an ATI video card, Dell Inspiron 8600 with an Nvidia 5200 card, Dell Latitude D620 with Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M video card, and Hewlett-Packard NX6125 are among the systems reported as being bitten by this bug.

Read more at Linux.com

( Permalink: Ubuntu xorg-server update breaks X:      Submitted by lh8 Thu Aug 24, 2006 )

Quick Centos configuration guide
This quick Centos configuration guide assumes that you know how to perform an initial Red Hat/Centos installation. If not, then do read the installation guide first before proceeding. The guide focuses on a server installation and has pretty good information on configuring a linux server with apache, qmail and mysql.

( Permalink: Quick Centos configuration guide      Submitted by Nicholson Robert Thu Aug 24, 2006 )

Smart way to reinstall Linux software after crash
Hardware and Software failures are part of Life. That is why you need to have a backup. However, you need not to backup all installed binaries (mostly software).

In order to reinstall or restore your installed software you need to have a list of all installed software. This tutorial show how to backup list of installed software and apply it when needed after crash.

It will not just save your time but both Debian and RHEL distro can update them instantly for you.

( Permalink: Smart way to reinstall Linux software after crash      Submitted by nixcraft Thu Aug 24, 2006 )

Blog and Wiki Modules with Apache
Blogs and wikis are taking the Internet by storm. One reason these technologies thrive is simplicity for both end users and administrators. Administrators find that Apache Geronimo is a robust and secure platform for creating new blog and wiki applications. Find out how you, too, can create blog and wiki applications using Geronimo and other open source components.

( Permalink: Blog and Wiki Modules with Apache      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Aug 24, 2006 )

Mac security freeware: GlowWorm
GlowWorm FW Lite is a neat looking application that can help you protect your privacy by enabling you to control your computer at the network level. It works through a simple system of rules and gives you a possibility of easily defining acceptable behaviour for a particular application, host/ip address, port number, and any combination thereof.

( Permalink: Mac security freeware: GlowWorm      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Aug 24, 2006 )

Monitoring tools overview
Overview of tools for bandwidth monitoring,network monitoring and servers monitoring tools with clear step by step installation guides this includes Nagios, MRTG,RTG, Netmrg, Darkstat, monit, munin, mon, oreon, Saidar, Cacti, Bigsister, ibmonitor, zabbix.This resouce is Very useful for Users and Administrators to monitor their networks,bandwidth and servers.
Read Full article here

( Permalink: Monitoring tools overview      Submitted by david Wed Aug 23, 2006 )

How To Secure Your CentOS Server Against Attackers
This article shows how to secure a CentOS server using psad, Bastille, and some other tweaks. psad is a tool that helps detect port scans and other suspicious traffic, and the Bastille hardening program locks down an operating system, proactively configuring the system for increased security and decreasing its susceptibility to compromise.

( Permalink: How To Secure Your CentOS Server Against Attackers      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed Aug 23, 2006 )

Disk Wiping Utilities: How to Get Rid of Your Data
[Geeks Are Sexy] has a great piece on data wiping utilities. If you need to have your files deleted permanently, a drive format won't do the trick. You'll need to take extra steps to make sure no one sticks his nose into your confidential stuff, and that is why utilities such has Darik's Boot and Nuke exist.

Read more.

( Permalink: Disk Wiping Utilities: How to Get Rid of Your Data      Submitted by Kiltak Wed Aug 23, 2006 )

Perl and PHP are two widely used languages for building dynamic Web sites. They make up two thirds of the "P" in the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python (LAMP) stack. How does their performance, using mod_perl and mod_php, compare for everyday Web programming? I attempted to find out.

Read more at NewsForge

( Permalink: LAMP vs. LAMP      Submitted by lh8 Wed Aug 23, 2006 )

Installing Debian GNU/Linux using debootstrap
Most Debian GNU/Linux neophytes find that distribution's default installer a bit difficult and ugly. While developers are working on a new installer for Debian Etch, there is a fully baked command-line alternative today: debootstrap.

With the current installer, installing Debian on newer systems with exotic hardware is not always a trivial process. The installation CD-ROMs include older versions of the Linux kernel that often lack support for modern hardware such as hard disk or RAID controllers and network adapters. Plus, the drivers for some hardware -- most notably wireless LAN interfaces -- are not part of the mainline kernel, or require binary firmware images that cannot be distributed by Debian.

Read more at Linux.com

( Permalink: Installing Debian GNU/Linux using debootstrap      Submitted by lh8 Tue Aug 22, 2006 )

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