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Configure Ubuntu for Active Directory Authenticati
Not sure I would want to do this, but here ya go.
"There are two important concepts for users: authentication, and accounts. With Active Directory authentication uses the Kerberos 5 protocol, and account information uses LDAP. Therefore we need to configure Kerberos 5 and LDAP on Ubuntu in order to manage users in an Active Directory."
HOWTO: Configure Ubuntu for Active Directory Authentication - DeveloperNet

( Permalink: Configure Ubuntu for Active Directory Authenticati      Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 22, 2006 )

Using XML is Only One Step Towards Portability
A pervasive misconception common today is that simply designing your file format around XML somehow makes it magically portable, extensible, and intelligible by other programs. Peter Seebach explains why using XML is only part of the story when you're designing an extensible file format.

( Permalink: Using XML is Only One Step Towards Portability      Submitted by IdaAshley Fri Sep 22, 2006 )

Ten Rules for Buying Apple Products
Some advice on when you should buy that next Apple device.
"After years of watching Apple, our view is that the purchase of any Apple product can be made on a single question: does the product available today have the features that will satisfy me? If the answer is yes, buy it and enjoy it. If the answer is no, wait. But don't second-guess your decision or wait around for a replacement that may take years to arrive. If you buy soon after release, you'll have the longest opportunity to enjoy the features and performance before something else comes along and makes you envious. "
Ten Rules for Buying Apple Products

( Permalink: Ten Rules for Buying Apple Products      Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 22, 2006 )

Double your fun with QuadKonsole
Nice tool.
"Most of the time, Konsole's tabbed interface is fine -- I can switch back and forth between shells and only need to concentrate on one session at a time. However, sometimes I want to be able to eyeball two or more sessions at once, and trying to toggle two Konsole instances just doesn't cut it. QuadKonsole, on the other hand, makes it easy to juggle two, four, or more sessions simultaneously."
Linux.com | Double your fun with QuadKonsole

( Permalink: Double your fun with QuadKonsole      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 21, 2006 )

How to Silence a Computer
As someone who hates loud hardware, I am always on the lookout for this type of article.
"A poorly-designed power supply is usually the major noise generator in a PC. Inexpensive (cheap!) fans may have poorly designed blades that cause the air to oscillate at audible frequencies as it's pulled through the fan housing, as well as inexpensive, noisy bearings. Better fans have improved ball bearings or noiseless sleeve bearings designed to rotate at high RPM with little friction, and a more efficient blade design."
How to Silence a Computer | Hardwarewatch

( Permalink: How to Silence a Computer      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 21, 2006 )

UNIX productivity tips in an office setting
The language of the UNIX command line is notoriously versatile: With a panorama of small tools and utilities and a shell to combine and execute them, you can specify many precise and complex tasks. Learn how to use techniques unique to UNIX in an office setting, which become a powerful ally toward increasing your productivity.

( Permalink: UNIX productivity tips in an office setting      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Sep 21, 2006 )

Make Ruby on Rails Easy With RadRails eclipse IDE
With the Ruby on Rails popularity soaring higher, the desire of many developers for an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes Rails even more accessible is increasing fast. RadRails, an eclipse-based IDE for Ruby on Rails, fulfills that need for most developers. Learn about installing RadRails, the structure and use of the application window, and the primary steps in developing an application.

( Permalink: Make Ruby on Rails Easy With RadRails eclipse IDE      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Sep 21, 2006 )

Work smarter with Unix specialized tools and short
Every skilled trade has its secrets -- those little tricks, techniques, and tools that make light of even the most complex task. Programmers, system administrators, and other UNIX computer professionals have their own kind of specialized tools. Learn how to leverage the many shortcuts that the Unix shell provides. With a little practice, you'll work smarter, not harder.

( Permalink: Work smarter with Unix specialized tools and short      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Sep 21, 2006 )

iPod nano (second-generation)
Review of the new Nano iPods.
"Only a year has passed between Apple's introduction of the first generation of iPod nano and now. With a sizable share of the flash player market at this point, Apple revamped all of its flash players last week with a new generation of iPod nanos and iPod shuffles. The second generation iPod nano line gets a brighter screen, software updates, new headphones, new packaging, and most noticably, an entirely new enclosure made of anodized aluminum. The new case also marked the return of colors besides black and white—essentially turning the 2G nano into a smaller, flash-based, color-screened iPod mini."
iPod nano (second-generation) : Page 1

( Permalink: iPod nano (second-generation)      Submitted by Noel Thu Sep 21, 2006 )

Securing Your Server With A Host-based IDS
This article shows how to install and run OSSEC HIDS, an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, integrity checking, rootkit detection, time-based alerting and active response. It helps you detect attacks, software misuse, policy violations and other forms of inappropriate activities.

( Permalink: Securing Your Server With A Host-based IDS      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed Sep 20, 2006 )

Booting NetBSD on New Hardware
Porting an operating system to new hardware can be a fairly easy process, or a fairly difficult one, depending on the issues you encounter. This article details experience porting NetBSD on a new board to the TAMS 3011, already existing hardware. See all the articles in the Testing and measuring the TAMS 3011 series.

( Permalink: Booting NetBSD on New Hardware      Submitted by IdaAshley Wed Sep 20, 2006 )

Debian Network Utilities and tools With Examples
This is the list of debian network utilities and tools for administrators and users to check the network related traffic, monitor network.This includes installation of each package with man pages.This full list devided in to two parts which is part1 network tools and part2 network tools.

( Permalink: Debian Network Utilities and tools With Examples      Submitted by david Wed Sep 20, 2006 )

Torvalds talks like a pirate
Linux creator Linus Torvalds today signalled his enjoyment of the annual "Talk Like a Pirate Day" festivities, using the nautical lexicon to launch an update to the kernel at the heart of his open source operating system.

( Permalink: Torvalds talks like a pirate      Submitted by george Wed Sep 20, 2006 )

Aussie state govt signals desktop Linux needs
The NSW state government yesterday went to market for its desktop, notebook and small server needs for at least the next three years, designating the ability to purchase Linux-based systems as "highly desirable".

( Permalink: Aussie state govt signals desktop Linux needs      Submitted by george Wed Sep 20, 2006 )

Top Sysadmin Apps for OS X
With all the lists of "must have" apps for OS X floating around, I thought I'd throw my own into the fray -- the Top Sysadmin Apps for Mac OS X. These are no-frills, get work done apps. Email clients and productivity software need not apply.

( Permalink: Top Sysadmin Apps for OS X      Submitted by Mike Wed Sep 20, 2006 )

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