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Watch in Full Screen with Universal Access
Nice idea about how to make the little tiny web video boxes go full screen using Universal Access.
"... I could use the Universal Access zoom feature to transform that tiny little screen into a display that almost completely fills my 17 monitor. Surprisingly, the image quality isn't bad at all ..."
Watch Lost and YouTube in Full Screen with Universal Access - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

( Permalink: Watch in Full Screen with Universal Access      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 25, 2006 )

A Meaningful Web for Humans and Machines
In this series of articles we'll examine the existing and emerging technologies that enable machines and humans to easily access the wealth of Web-published data. In this first article, you meet the human-computer conflict, learn the criteria used to evaluate different technologies, and find a brief description of the major techniques used today to enable machine-human coexistence on the Web.

( Permalink: A Meaningful Web for Humans and Machines      Submitted by IdaAshley Wed Oct 25, 2006 )

Rename multiple files on the command line

If you wish to quickly rename multiple files in a directory, a for loop (sometimes combined with other utilities such as sed or tr) is one way to do the job.

The examples in this article include removing spaces from filenames, adding and removing suffixes and prefixes, and changing from uppercase to lowercase.

Please see the article: Shell stuff: rename multiple files on the command line - Basically Tech.

( Permalink: Rename multiple files on the command line      Submitted by Rob Newcater Wed Oct 25, 2006 )

A Tradition of Empty Boxes
Cool new stuff from Sun is coming.
"There they saw the Stanford University Network (S.U.N.) Workstation as designed by grad student Andy Bechtolsheim. The S.U.N. Workstation was a poor man's Alto with a robust version of Unix, a graphical user interface, local storage, mouse, and Ethernet. And the price was right, too -- that is if Andy B could get anyone to actually build the machines that the feds wanted to order. "
PBS | I, Cringely . October 20, 2006 - A Tradition of Empty Boxes

( Permalink: A Tradition of Empty Boxes      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 24, 2006 )

POWER6 Overview
Information about the upcoming Power 6 chips from IBM.
"POWER6 will also be dual-core, like its predecessors. So those who were hoping to see a four-core POWER6 will be disappointed. Instead of increasing the number of cores per die, IBM did something that no one would've thought possible in this post-"power wall" age: they doubled the processor's clock frequency, and they did so without increasing the power dissipation. But more on that in a moment."
POWER6 set to carry the POWER4/POWER5/970 lineage forward?

( Permalink: POWER6 Overview      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 24, 2006 )

Sharing A Linux Scanner On Your Network
Short article on sharing a scanner over the network.
"I'm going to assume that you already have a scanner running on your Linux system. The first step, then, is just to make sure that the saned package is installed. You can always get the latest sane-backends package from the official SANE site. SANE, for the curious, stands for Scanner Access Now Easy."
Sys Admin > Marcel Gagn : Sharing A Linux Scanner On Your Network

( Permalink: Sharing A Linux Scanner On Your Network      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 24, 2006 )

Tunneling with SSH: Windows to UNIX connectivity
This article describes the setup of a simple SSH client connecting to an AIX- or Linux-based SSH server that allows a typical, technically literate individual the ability to set up, configure, and operate a flexible means of tunneling data and services over the SSH service. Use OpenSource tools, such as Secure Shell (SSH), PuTTY, and Cygwin, to create secure connections to almost any resource you need to access.

( Permalink: Tunneling with SSH: Windows to UNIX connectivity      Submitted by Anonymous Tue Oct 24, 2006 )

Really switching: Using a Mac like a Mac
Nice take on the Mac software for a new user thing.
"So what I'm realizing is that I really need to break some of my bad Windows habits, and embrace what I can do with my Mac. One thing I've recently started doing is syncing my devices. With iSync and iTunes I've been able to keep track of my calendar and contacts on both my iPod and Razr. I love that I don't even have to take my Razr out of my pocket when I sit download to my Macbook Pro. Just open iSync and hit ync Devices. iCal"
pixelspread: Really switching: Using a Mac like a Mac

( Permalink: Really switching: Using a Mac like a Mac      Submitted by Noel Tue Oct 24, 2006 )

The Perfect Xen 3.0.3 Setup For Debian Sarge
This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions about how to install Xen (version 3.0.3) on a Debian Sarge (3.1) system. It shows how to compile Xen, dom0 and domU kernels from the sources as well as how to install Xen from precompiled binaries. Creating guest domains from images is also covered by this article.

( Permalink: The Perfect Xen 3.0.3 Setup For Debian Sarge      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Oct 23, 2006 )

Logical partitioning in the System p5 environment
Learn the basics of how to partition an IBM System p5 server. Logical partitioning (LPAR) is the ability to logically slice up a single system's CPU, memory, and other resources to create multiple and separate servers. Wouldn't it be nice to consolidate all of those servers onto just a few pieces of hardware to more fully utilize your resources and yet still maintain separate OS environments for each of the applications? With the IBM POWER5-based servers, you can do just that.

( Permalink: Logical partitioning in the System p5 environment      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Oct 23, 2006 )

Recover a dead hard drive using dd
Nice overview of using dd.
"The Unix program dd is a disk copying util that you can use at the command line in order to make a disk image. It makes a bit-by-bit copy of the drive it's copying, caring nothing about filesystem type, files, or anything else. It's a great way to workaround the need for Norton Ghost. "
macosxhints.com - Recover a dead hard drive using dd

( Permalink: Recover a dead hard drive using dd      Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 23, 2006 )

Setting and managing permissions on UNIX
UNIX provides robust tools and infrastructure so that you can both protect and share information. This article looks at user privileges and, in particular, examines how to manipulate file permissions to restrict or share your directories and files with others. Understanding permissions is crucial if you want to speak UNIX fluently. Learn how to manipulate file permissions to protect your files, or share them with others.

( Permalink: Setting and managing permissions on UNIX      Submitted by Anonymous Mon Oct 23, 2006 )

Why Apple Failed
Have they failed at all?
"Apple sells premium computers with a unique operating system. This leaves it with no direct equivalent in the market. Apple's very different product mix means that market share not only doesn't tell the whole story, but actually was not the real problem. "
Why Apple Failed

( Permalink: Why Apple Failed      Submitted by Noel Mon Oct 23, 2006 )

No Silver Bullet
Nice discussion on the general subject of programming.
"What does a high-level language accomplish? It frees a program from much of its accidental complexity. An abstract program consists of conceptual constructs: operations, data types, sequences, and communication. The concrete machine program is concerned with bits, registers, conditions, branches, channels, disks, and such. To the extent that the high-level language embodies the constructs one wants in the abstract program and avoids all lower ones, it eliminates a whole level of complexity that was never inherent in the program at all."
No Silver Bullet

( Permalink: No Silver Bullet      Submitted by Noel Wed Oct 18, 2006 )

Running A File, Print, Proxy, DHCP, and Time box
This article shows how to run a file-, print-, HTTP proxy- DHCP-, and time server for small and medium enterprises (SME) on one single Debian Sarge system. It is very easy to set up, and management is done with an easy-to-use web interface called eBox so once the system is set up, you can forget about the command line. eBox was developed to administrate advanced services for corporate networks, and it was created for Debian Sarge.

( Permalink: Running A File, Print, Proxy, DHCP, and Time box      Submitted by Falko Timme Wed Oct 18, 2006 )

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