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Linux On Your Linksys - A 5 Minute How-To
Nice guide.
"Well, fsck that. I have heard of running Linux on Linksys, but never had a compatible router to test with. It turned out to be very straight-forward, so I decided I'd put together a quick and to-the-point how-to. This is for the WRT54G Vers. 6, 5.1 and 5 only, NOT the GS don't brick your router."
codercotton Blog Archive Linux On Your Linksys - A 5 Minute How-To

( Permalink: Linux On Your Linksys - A 5 Minute How-To      Submitted by Noel Tue Feb 13, 2007 )

Resolving Domains Internally And Externally
Sometimes, we are required to resolve our internal domains on a local nameserver and external (internet) domains on our ISP's nameserver. There are different solutions to this problem, but in this tutorial, we are going to solve it through configuring a combination of caching-nameserver and BIND 9.

( Permalink: Resolving Domains Internally And Externally      Submitted by Falko Timme Mon Feb 12, 2007 )

Book Review: Beginning SuSE Linux
This is a review of the book "Beginning SuSE Linux". It reads ...
SuSE Linux, one of the oldest Linux distribution was originally developed by a German company. Not many people will know that SuSE is an acronym in the German language for "Software und System-Entwicklung" which translates as software and system development. Over time, SuSE has gained a reputation as a robust, secure and easy to use Linux distribution both on the server and desktop front.
Read the full review

( Permalink: Book Review: Beginning SuSE Linux      Submitted by marc Mon Feb 12, 2007 )

Create uniform namespace using autofs with NFS 3
Do you have trouble accessing data exported from multiple file servers? If so, try using open source implementations of autofs and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), with Network File System (NFS) Version 3, to access data under the same global mount point.

( Permalink: Create uniform namespace using autofs with NFS 3      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Mon Feb 12, 2007 )

Print DVI Files with CUPS for Linux
Have you ever tried to print DVI or other files in Linux and gotten an "unsupported format" message? This tip shows you how to combine existing tools to make a Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) print filter for printing DVI files.

( Permalink: Print DVI Files with CUPS for Linux      Submitted by IdaAshley Mon Feb 12, 2007 )

Installing Ubuntu/Kubuntu Dapper Drake
This guide describes how to install Ubuntu (Ubuntu+GNOME) or Kubuntu (Ubuntu+KDE) 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake) on a single or a multi-boot RAID system. It is meant as a variation of Ubuntu Wiki FakeRAID HowTo document, but digested and with minimum commentary. Its goal is to allow new Ubuntu users to complete an entire installation inside of 30 minutes, almost entirely by copy and paste.

( Permalink: Installing Ubuntu/Kubuntu Dapper Drake      Submitted by Falko Timme Fri Feb 9, 2007 )

Fldigi and amateur radio on Linux
Old-school nets.
"In 1999, a new kind of digital mode appeared. It's called PSK, for Phase Shift Keying, and it's known as a "sound card" digital mode because it uses a computer's sound card to encode and to decode the transmitted signal. Older digital modes like RTTY have been revitalized as "sound card" modes, and completely new modes like PSK and MFSK have appeared. The new modes are proving as popular with long time hams as they are with new hams, like me."
Linux.com | Fldigi and amateur radio on Linux

( Permalink: Fldigi and amateur radio on Linux      Submitted by Noel Fri Feb 9, 2007 )

Linux on the Desktop at home
In this new article, Claus Futtrup examines some of the key ingredients for successful Linux expansion into Home Desktop use. A complete article can be read on Linux+DVD magazine website.

( Permalink: Linux on the Desktop at home      Submitted by Linux+DVD magazine Fri Feb 9, 2007 )

Avoid traps when porting Java Web apps from Window
Examine three traps you could fall in when porting Java Web applications from Windows to AIX, and learn how to maneuver around them.

( Permalink: Avoid traps when porting Java Web apps from Window      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Fri Feb 9, 2007 )

Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 Configuration on Linux
Concise how-to on configuring a Sierra Wireless AirCard 595, including hardware detection, ppp configuration, and SprintPCS chat script.

( Permalink: Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 Configuration on Linux      Submitted by foobarra Thu Feb 8, 2007 )

Securing the Hardware Management Console
Get step-by-step instructions for things you should do during installation of the Hardware Management Console (HMC), measures you can take after installation, and maintenance guidelines to ensure that a secure system stays secure. (The HMC is an external machine that functions as the console for some IBM AIX machines - Noel)

( Permalink: Securing the Hardware Management Console      Submitted by BlueVoodoo Thu Feb 8, 2007 )

Advanced XML parsing techniques using Perl
This article shows you how to convert an XML document using Perl into a tree of objects in memory. Most Perl programmers find this approach more natural, and it is indeed more convenient. It then introduces you to SAX and event-based parsing, an entirely different style of programming, one that turns out to be very rich, using the SAX pipeline.

( Permalink: Advanced XML parsing techniques using Perl      Submitted by Anonymous Thu Feb 8, 2007 )

Utility Computing 2.0 with Linux Server Farm
You've heard of Web 2.0, right? Well, here's "utility computing 2.0," a combination of network booting, SSL, VNC, and other familiar concepts and technologies -- all on Linux -- that can yield dramatic returns on investment. See how the University of California set up a server farm environment to provide secure remote desktop application services for students.

( Permalink: Utility Computing 2.0 with Linux Server Farm      Submitted by IdaAshley Thu Feb 8, 2007 )

How to Clean your LCD Screen
You've probably seen some of those expensive LCD cleaning solutions in computer stores right? Think you need those to properly clean your screen? The answer to this is : absolutely not. Mixing up your own cleaning solution is very easy and will actually save you quite a few bucks. Here's an article showing you how to clean your LCD screen with home products. Maybe this isn't directly related to Unix, but everyone needs to clean their screen once in a while.

( Permalink: How to Clean your LCD Screen      Submitted by Kiltak Wed Feb 7, 2007 )

Make a Movie of Your Linux Desktop
How to record your desktop as a video under Linux.
"You need two pieces of software to accomplish this: xvidcap to capture the video and Avidemux to edit the movie and add a soundtrack. You may also need Audacity to shorten the audio file used for the soundtrack."
Make a Movie of Your Linux Desktop @ Blogcritics.org

( Permalink: Make a Movie of Your Linux Desktop      Submitted by Noel Wed Feb 7, 2007 )

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